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    Next week, Aspen is releasing a Michael Turner Tribute Graphic Novel. It's $7 and includes:

    -A first time compilation cover by Michael Turner and Alex Ross.
    -An introduction by Michel Turner's mother Grace Crick.
    -Special tributes from the Aspen Comics staff, the company Michael Turner founded.
    -Over 40 all-new original pieces of art from the industry's top creators and artists.
    -Words of remembrance and unique tributes from the industry's top writers, editors, and friends of Turner.
    -A special section featuring fan art produced in honor of Michael Turner's life and creations.

    For anyone who enjoyed Michael Turner's artwork like I did, this is a no miss:

    Here's the cover:

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    I may have to pick that up.

    Thanks for the heads up Xio.


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      Originally posted by Darth_Ennis View Post
      I may have to pick that up.

      Thanks for the heads up Xio.
      No problem bro. You can check out more info at


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        BTW Will this be available at comic shops or places like Borders and Barnes and Noble?


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          Sounds like just comic books shops. Although if you can't get it from a comic book store, I know the Aspen website will be selling it. As it's only 80 pages, I don't think Barnes and Noble/Borders would carry it.


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            I'm definitly picking up a copy, for the art if nothing else, he was an incredible artist, that was what sold Fathom to me

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              This just came out today, I'll be picking mine up soon. It's pretty awesome, and if you're a Michael Turner fan in the slightest, you'll want to pick this up!

              FATHOM: DEFINITIVE EDITION TPB (fathomv1dehc)

              By Michael Turner, Bill O'Neil and Geoff Johns.
              Pencils by Michael Turner
              Inks by Joe Weems and Jonathan Sibel
              Colors by Jonathan D. Smith and Peter Steigerwald

              Aspen presents the most complete collection of Michael Turner's first ever creator owned series, Fathom, with this amazing Fathom: The Definitive Edition trade paperback! Inside, readers will find the rare Fathom Preview, issues #0 and #1/2, both of which have never been collected in a trade before now! Issues #1 through #9, including the special add-in pages, plus the sold out issues #10 and #11, also making their first trade debut! Re-envisioned pages and excerpts from issues #12 through #14, focusing on Aspen and Cannon's ordeal with Vana! Both original Fathom Swimsuit issues featuring pin-ups from a host of today's top artists, along with a jam-packed cover gallery and more seldom seen Fathom goodies as only Michael Turner and Aspen could deliver!
              We'll also be including the complete Aspen Extended Edition which bridges the gap between Fathom Volume 1 and Volume 2, and also features the first appearance of everyone's favorite Blue warrior goddess, Kiani! Combine all that together, and you have 496 massive pages of everything that was Fathom Volume 1.

              Our Price: $49.99