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    Taken From

    12:00 AM, 24-OCTOBER-08

    Exclusive: Stargate Universe Concept Art!

    SCI FI Wire has exclusively obtained the first concept art for the upcoming Stargate Universe, which reveals the new look and feel of this latest spinoff of the Stargate franchise.

    The images show a bit of the new ship that will figure prominently in the show. Stargate Universe centers on a simple reconnaissance mission that turns into a never-ending quest as a new crew of Stargate explorers gates onto the Destiny, an Ancient ship that is unable to return to Earth. They will travel to the far reaches of the universe, encountering new races, enemies and adventures.

    This story continues below the images.

    The shuttle bridge

    Corridor hub

    The airlock door

    An Ancient console

    Universe is executive-produced by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, the co-creators of Universe's predecessor series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. SCI FI Channel plans to begin production of the show in early 2009 and debut it next summer with a two-hour premiere. --Patrick Lee, News Editor
    Not sure how I feel about this, taking Stargate and makeing it a StarShip based show instead of a Gate show.


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    Cool! Although, it sounds a little like Voyager.


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      Its Stargate meets 24 meets Voyager... I'm a die hard Stargate fan, so I'll end up watching every episode of it... I'm just not happy that they're cancelling Atlantis and starting up this craptastic sounding Lost in Space Stargate thingy... but oh well.

      At least we're gonna get some Atlantis based movies like the two SG-1 ones we got this year... not to mention they're talking about making more SG-1 based ones, as well. All in all, this whole situation has got some mighty pros, yet some furious cons.
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        Originally posted by Parrylakks View Post
        I'm just not happy that they're cancelling Atlantis and starting up this craptastic sounding Lost in Space Stargate thingy...
        Crap, now I'm not as enthused... I'm really diggin Atlantis.


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          yeah i can't understand why are they are doing this to Atlantis its a solid and great show

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            So now it's an official Star Trek ripoff.....

            ..they were skimming the edge for a while


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              it's an ok idea, but i hate the fact that Stargate Atlantis has to end for it to begin

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                Oh. No. They. Didn't

                Seriously, now it is just Star Trek ripoff, they're not even using the fracking Stargates anymore

                And there's no villain for them to be fighting, the Ori were bad enough, if it's not Go'auld or Replicators, it's just not Stargate

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                  I'm sure they will meet up with a species of hostile yet honorable warriors that may or may not have some type of bumpy alien forehead.

                  .....and they would prefer to use weird impractical bladed weapons in combat over guns..


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                    Originally posted by Mr.Itty View Post
                    Cool! Although, it sounds a little like Voyager.
                    I was gonna say "I liked this better when it was called StarTrek: Voyager"
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                      I like all the Stargate shows but I don't like the idea of the whole show being on a ship It should be kept as a gate show but that's just my opinion


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                        It is a Gate show... sorta...

                        The ship is going where its going and the cast is stuck on it without having control over it... so... as they come across planets, they have to go down to see if the gates can get them back home. Since they end up in a different galaxy, they need a ZPM to do so, and most gates aren't equipped with that power. But the ship doesn't stop in orbit of the planets, it just passes by, so they only have a limited amount of time to see if the gate is working and if there is a way to power a long distance gate jump to get them back home.

                        So, they're lost on a ship (Lost in Space and Star Trek Voyager), their time is always counting down (24) and Stargates play a semi-central role to the central plot outline(any and all Stargate shows). So, its like Voyager, but it is still Stargate-centric.
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                          i hope they dont have an android on board...
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                            If Daniel Jackson ain't in it, or someone from Firefly I ain't watchin' it.


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                              I'll watch it, and Daniel Jackson would be a bonus.