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Following in the footsteps of Hal...again!

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  • Following in the footsteps of Hal...again!

    Back in 1984, I decided to join the Air Force because of Hal! Now, once again, in 2008, I am becoming yet another of Hal's professions: Truck Driver! Sure it's not as glamorous as a Test Pilot, but it'll pay the bills! Plus I love to travel, so may run into some of you guys on the road! Anyhow, I start training on the 14th in Arkansas, so wish me luck!
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    Hell yeah, Good luck


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      Good luck! Watch out for terminators and vampires trying to hijack your truck! :P


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        Good Luck and safe travelling!
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          wow, thats funny, I was thinkin bout becomin a truck driver yesterday(becuase of Hal, of course) good luck.


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            I use to want to drive truck, good luck, and hey maybe you can find some good deals along the way!


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              my mother in law (wife's mom) has been driving a truck for as long as i've known her ... she makes great pay, and gets great benefits ... i'd love to drive a truck, but i'm a crap driver, so other people on the road with me would be in danger ...

              my brother in law (sister's husband) was trained to drive a truck in arkansas too ... he's the dumbest person on the planet, and was able to pass driving school with flying colors, so i know someone like YOU won't have any worries ... however, he only works when he feels like it, so he's been fired from a couple trucking companies already ...

              congrats and good luck !!!