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  • ~ H E L P !!!!

    i recently reopened my forum area, but most of the threads were deleted since no one has replied or started a thread in a looooong time (NOTE: the forum has been closed for nearly 90 days, so the pruning thing deleted a lot of stuff) ... i have over 1300 members, but it looks like only four of us have posted or started threads ... any help would be greatly appreciated ...

    for some reason, the forum is super sloooooow now too ... it takes forever to navigate around there ... does anyone have any suggestions or ideas why it's taking so long ???

    thanks in advance to anyone who registers, posts, etc ...

    90% of my members probably don't even know that the forum has been reopened ... i'm about to send a mass email to everyone, so i'm sure traffic will pick up and resume to normal velocity there ... i'd love to have some GL people be the first to post though ... special thanks to GLJIMT for being the first to post though ... WOO HOO !!!