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Any fans of Roman films ???

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  • Any fans of Roman films ???

    Caligula (sp?) is turning up in bargain bins around Florida ...

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    Because of budget cuts back in high school I lost some of the electives I was taking, so my Junior year I ended up taking Latin I with a bunch of Freshmen.

    One of the early days of the class the teacher was talking about some of the films we would be watching, reproductions of classical Roman theater and the like. I leaned over to a gullible Freshmen and said, "I wonder if he'll be showing Caligula."

    "What's Caligula?"

    "A movie about the Roman Emporer, its quite famous."

    Sure enough, as I hoped he would, the freshman raised his hand and asked the teacher if we'd be watching Caligula. What I didn't anticipate was the teachers responce.

    "No! Nonononono we will not be watching that movie, that movie is a bad movie." So on and so forth he went on a rant about it without ever going into why it was a bad movie. The whole class was dumbfounded, and I was trying hard not to bust up laughing.

    After class I explained it to the freshman and the others who heard me whisper to the kid, he was mortified at the explaination.


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      My store is selling it for $8.99 - a limited time only btw - instead of our usual $26.99 ... We are selling the Unrated version for that price ... I actually checked it out of a small town library once, but it wasn't the unrated version ... I made a comment about how surprised I was to find porn in the library after watching it ... I then promptly asked if they had Devil In Miss Jones or any other fine films ... The look the librarian, not a hot librarian either, gave me was priceless ... LOL