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    Originally posted by Michael Heide View Post
    Never been to Bitburg, though. I only know that I don't like their beer.
    I gotta tell you, that beer is the third nastiest thing I've ever tasted (makes for some nasty farts too). The other GI's would tell me that I just had to get used to it... never did, I drank Heineken instead.

    The second nastiest thing I ever tasted was a small piece of yellow cheese used as a garnish on my wife's plate. We visited the Yellow Castle in a suburb of Trier, it was at the top of a large hill that you had to walk up and it had a restaurant.

    My wife ordered a sandwich platter and it came before my order did. I sat there looking at that little piece of cheese and finally asked my wife if I could have it, she doesn't like cheese.

    I popped that little gem in my mouth, chewed down on it a couple of times then, out of nowhere, a whole new universe of YUCK opened up to me. I had no drink, no food, nothing to wash this down... I spied a small shot glass sitting in the center of her platter, I grabbed it and drank it down.

    To my horror, that was worse then the cheese. As I sat there, teary eyed and gasping, the waitress arrived with a half full glass of beer. As I was washing out my mouth, she told me that those are garnishes and are not meant to be eaten. She then told me that she was pouring my beer when she saw me eat the cheese, she shut off the tap and started running.

    My wife and the waitress had a good time at my expense... and after awhile, I was able to smile about the whole thing too.
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      Hey welcome to the Corps Michael!
      Thanks for sharing about your life. I'm from Argentina, and here are people from different places around the globe, luckily, which makes things quite interesting. Germany is a place I'd love to visit eventually..

      As your posts-count shows, you've already been having fun!