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    Originally posted by Lishego View Post
    how would of thought a place to call home... hello all, I'm Brian, a huge fan, found this site through the DC site. wanted to say this is awesome.
    I've been a GL fan for going on 20 some odd years, last January as a birthday present i got a power ring tattooed on. My wife thought i was nuts till some chick at a book store told me how cool i was. And balance was restored at my house..LOL
    Welcome, Lishego! Sweet on the tat... I was thinking of doing the same, but am hesitant (not of getting a tattoo -- I already have two big ones on both arms -- but just of something non-original). Ought to post a pic of it up in the About Us forum here.


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      That is a sweet idea, although Tat's that can not be covered do limit job prospects at least in mine line of work.

      Anyway welcome to the Corps
      My Ketogenic Journey


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        Yah, I thought of that once, but decided a real ring feels better, looks better and is not permanent. Though I have been comtemplating designs for a GL tat on my arm. :P
        Do good. Be well. Make happy.


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          Originally posted by Martley of 2814 View Post
          Hello Malvolio!
          Well hello..... how you doing?
          Visit the Mall of Oa for all your Green Lantern needs!