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    Welcome to the board, come on in, have a read, how about a trip to qward or two. Let me tell ya, at The Green Lantern Corps Message Board, we'll start you off with our Announcements Section, featuring jumbo over-sized posts by Andrew as well as the other mods, served on a black background.

    We also feature more than 15 different kinds of threads in the Games & Humor section, and a big bowl of General/ About Us, with Corps Talk dipping sauce.

    After that we'll take you to the mile long Green Lanternverse, featuring more than 4 volumes of Green Lantern goodness, served in a punch bowl with 18 pounds of ranch dressing, Lantern-stuffed comics, and what the hell, a couple of podcasts!

    Then we'll wheel out our bottomless trough of Miscellaneous.

    We'll follow that up with our massive he-man sized Ask the Mods/Site/Forum Help, covered with over-sized and stuffed posts by the mods, drizzled with butter.

    Then bend over Abagail May cause here comes the Currently Active Users Feed.

    The Green Lantern Corps Message Board, the doors are locked from the outside.