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  • Hey there!

    Hi everyone.. how's it going?

    First post here.. so I'll make a quick introduction.. My name's Javier, I'm from Argentina (kind of a... Latin Lantern?) and have been a huge comics (and GL) fan for as long as I can remember..
    I recently got to this site and it looks really great..
    The first GL story I ever read was Emerald Twilight and it blew me away.. and though my early GL years were lived through Kyle; I love Hal, Kyle, Guy, John, Kil, Arisia, Kreon, etc. just equally.. I mean, I'm just in love with the GL concepts in general.. and hey, this is the best moment to be a GL fan, wouldn't you say?

    Anyway, enough about me.. how about you guys?
    I'm really looking forward to post here as often as I can and make some new friends..

    Be readin' ya..

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    Welcome! ET got me in as well and while I'd stop short of saying this is the best moment to be a GL fan, I'll say it may yet be the most exciting/edge-of-your-seat moment.


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      Thanks Andrew! Nice place you're running here..!


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        Welcome to the Corps

        enjoy the board, we have the best GL fans around.

        I started GL around issue 30 of the 2nd series
        My Ketogenic Journey


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          Welcome the board!
          Have fun as we do!
          Do good. Be well. Make happy.


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            Thanks guys! I'm already enjoying my time here..


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              Welcome to the board, Genesis!


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                Originally posted by Martley of 2814 View Post
                Welcome to the board, Genesis!
                Well, hello, Martley.. any advice you'd like to give me now that I'm entering this space sector?