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,,,New to GL - What Should I Read???

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  • ,,,New to GL - What Should I Read???


    i'm totally new to Green Lantern.
    i just read GL Secret Origin - fantastic

    i have been reading a lot of review on Amazon - trying to figure out what to read next - now i'm even more confused

    is there an order in which GL should be read?

    Also - i am totally confused by Blackest Night - there seems to be several of them out there - which is which?

    thanks so much for all your help


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    First off, welcome.

    One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!

    You should check out our guide to the collected editions. Click here and check out post #1. You'll see, for instance, that Blackest Night was it's own mini-series. You could read just the collected stories and get the main story. You could also read the cross-over stories in the Green Lantern titles (listed in that post) to see how that changed the GL universe.

    If you check out the General forum, you'll also see that the same basic question has been asked by other newbies such as here and here. These may be of help to you, but it depends on what you want to read (only a few of us here have read every issue of GL). I would think your best bet is to continue the series from what you liked. For instance, on that first post you'll see that Secret Origins collected Volume 4 #29–35. So, you should try for the collections of issues 1–28 (No Fear; Revenge of the Green Lanterns; Wanted—Hal Jordan; and Sinestro Corps War vols. 1 and 2). Then, you could move on to what followed (Rage of the Red Lanterns etc, etc.). If you really dig the whole corps, you could also pick up Green Lantern Corps and Emerald Warriors).
    Green Lantern Rebirth and Green Lantern Corps Recharge also have a lot of background that defined the direction the series went for the next several years.
    However, the current volume (Green Lantern Series/Volume 5) is supposed to be a little independent of that, so you may want to pick up the trade paperback of the most recent issues (called just "Sinestro") and catch up with us.

    Hope that helps. Surf and post away. If you have specific follow-ups on this topic you may wish to just continue those last two threads with some more posts. Who knows, your questions may help someone else in the same boat.


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      I suggest checking out GL: Secret origins.


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        Verdant greetings, and welcome aboard.

        At this point, read Wikipedia. The summary editions of the pre-New 52 adventures of the assorted Green Lanterns there make about as much sense as anything. Since the whole universe is about to change (AGAIN!), what is past is past. Delve into as many of the Volume 5 (2006-2011) Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps books as you can find second hand at your local half price book store, or through your direct distribution dealer in the trade paperbacks, but don't stretch your budget. Thumb through the Showcase Presents black and white books from the rack to get a "feel" for the 1960-1970 adventures. Browse the forthcoming "Green Lantern Sector 2814" trade paperback with an ounce of caution, it's the stories from right after the so-called "Space Exile" arc (Hal Jordan made the mistake of using his ring to interfere in earth commerce, specifically Ferris Aircraft business, hence he was banished from his home planet for a time), and the return stories won't make much sense without the back stories in #152-172 or, for that matter, in #133-151. (#177 was omitted because it was a reprint of #128 with a very brief plot delays are nothing new.)

        Beyond that, read what you like. Hope you enjoy.

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          Thank you - that was very helpful.


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              Watch the cartoon. You will get better stuff in there than in the comics.


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                JLA: Year One

                also welcome.


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                  GOOD WELCOME, ETHAN417!!!!


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                    Welcome to the boards!


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                      Seems like Doctor got a bit tipsy!


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