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  • LordMudd is here too!

    Hello. I found this site while doing Google searches for custom GL pics. I signed up about 2 weeks ago but just got cleared to post yesterday. I have already posted pics of my GL figures.
    My name comes from Harry Mudd, from Star Trek, who I bear a striking resemblance to. I also spent several years winning costume contests dressed as him. I have been customizing action figures for about 30 odd years, making me the dirty old man of action figure customizing.
    I believe the one true scale for action figures is 1/18. The reason for this is actually quite simple. You need 3 things for a successful action figure line. Obviously action figures are the first. Vehicles are second, and playsets are the third, and most critical. The reason they are the critical item is because they cost so much to make, so if you don't know what you are doing, like Playmates and their $50 totally useless Bridge playset, you can actually sink a successful line. Not having any playsets can sink it too. Lets look at one of the best and biggest, Kenner's Death Star. Clearly made for 1/18 scale and not cheap to make, or buy, but can you imagine the costs involved in making it for Movie Masters scale? 1/18 scale is the largest practical and cost effective scale for playsets. Any figure bigger than that is not meant to be played with, only collected and displayed. This is why I have chosen to limit myself to this scale, so that I can have playsets to display my figures in, even if I have to design and build them myself. This being said, I hope I can find many other 1/18 scale collections to view and get ideas from.


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    Welcome to the boards!


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      Welcome to the site!


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        One of us! One of us!
        Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!

        Oh, did you bring your women?

        Anyway, look around and enjoy yourself. We have plenty of toy threads and even a Star Trek one in addition to all the GL news and talk.


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            Welcome to the forum! LorrMudd is a cool name. LordMuddButt would be even cooler... and make me giggle.


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              Welcome to the boards!


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                Welcome and good luck.


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                  GOOD WELCOME, LORDMUDD!!!!

                  + YouTube Video
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