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    A few years back I decided to switch from Marvel to DC and I thought that Green Lantern Rebirth (from 2005) would be a good start into Green Lantern. I eventually went back a little further with two Flash trades but Rebirth kicked me off on Green Lantern.

    I started to read a whole bunch of DC trades but Green Lantern was my unexpected favourite and although there were a few dissapointments I can honestly say I've become a big fan of the whole Lantern Universe of the past 8 years. I'll prolly try and pick up some older lantern stuff in trades aswell when my budget allows it.

    I've been dutifully collecting the GL-Universe Trades and, in what can only be described as spending a small fortune on tpb's in only a few years, I'm glad to say I'm about to start on the first GL-trades of the new 52 reboot.

    I'm already collecting the loose comics from GL, GLC and GLNG from #21 onwards but I've not read them yet (obviously!) .

    So, untill I'm fully up-to-speed, my contributions to the forum shall be limited for Spoilerfobia (unrational fear of spoilers) but I'll try to post every now and then if only to keep my account active enough to not get shut down.

    Kind regards,

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    Welcome young one!
    Originally posted by IonFan
    (even if the ear sucking helped get me off faster)
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    If I had things like the internet and a laptop as a kid, I never would have left my room as a teenager.
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    I am the Geoff Johns of the GLCMB.


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      One of us! One of us!
      Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!

      Well, you'll mostly want to avoid the threads on the specific issues. If you need to avoid any spoiler, it'll be tough. You'd pretty much have to avoid all the forums related to GL comics.


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        Glad to have you here. Although there is a lot of non-GL stuff on this forum, so there is plenty of space for you to read/post without even mentioning GL. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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          Welcome to the boards!


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            Welcome and good luck.


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              GOOD WELCOME, ALES MAJER2!!!!