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  • Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

    My name is ice, pronounced with a xion.

    Alright, so I was reading a few books here or there, mostly Superman Unchained, where Scott Snyder figured out how to right a good New 52 Superman; Geoff John's Superman, where Superman's friend turned out to be a mass-murdering sociopath who deserves a Superman neck snap, and I'm not all about that killing; and Earth 2, written by the amazing Tom Taylor who introduced a pacifist, agoraphobic Superman (AMAZING), though they seem to have fail boated that with World's End.

    Forgive the run on sentence, I'm getting to a point. So I haven't really been reading much besides those three books, and catching Justice League and most of the Darwyn Cooke covers last month.

    So my little brother is currently deployed in the Marine Corps and we hooked him up with an iPad and loaded it up with all of my comixology books. He asked me what's the best stuff to read (besides his mad-love for Batman) and I decided to read in front oh him to dial in what is the best.

    I decided to start with Identity Crisis and fell back in love with the universe I've been missing.
    -Identity Crisis, still great (dem Michael Turner covers doh)
    -Green Lantern Rebirth, gotta love it
    -Infinite Crisis is perfect (a perfect world doesn't need a Superman)
    -Superman: Last Son (Adam Kubert owns it)
    -JLA: The Tornado's Path and Lightning Saga still hold up (and you know I love my Turner covers), one of which I pimped out into this Dawn of Justice esque wallpaper:

    Don't lie, you know it's the ish.

    And it set up that epic lightning rod!

    Which lead me to:
    -Sinestro Corps War, which is still probably the definitive Green Lantern book (I'm open to argument on that).
    -Superman and the Legion of Superheroes (when Superman leaps out of a space station, winning)
    -Rage of the Red Lanterns (Saint Walker!)
    -Legion of 3 Worlds (I love the return of Kid Flash, Superboy and Braniac 5's arc of needing a haircut, and his line about showing the world how smart he really is, love it)
    -Final Crisis... still don't care for it, but Barry's return and Bruce capping Darkseid are cool moments
    -Flash Rebirth... it's alright
    -Blackest Night, I still like, but I find Sinestro Corps has more crowd pleasing moments

    And then I skipped ahead to the Simon Baz arc (since I recall find War of the Green Lanterns forward to be ok but didn't desire to re-read them) and finished up Wrath of the First Lantern, which is where I had left off.

    So now I'm amped to read GL 21-Forward and get caught up.

    Long story I know.

    Short version: I'm back y'all.
    The Artist
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    So, basically, your SN is ice ice, baby?

    Welcome back.


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      Wow, long time no see.

      Welcome back.


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          Welcome back mate.
          Proud owner of a Justice League Europe number 1 issue.
          Which currently is worth less than my Kick-Ass 2 issue 1.


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            welcome back (you have been truly missed )

            IonFan says

            MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER