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    It's just like you never grew up to be a pro athlete, and you got over that. You'll get over never writing Kyle too.

    I'm not keeping you down. Your lack of writing ability will do that.


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      Originally posted by Trey Strain View Post
      I'm not keeping you down. Your lack of writing ability will do that.
      Says the guy who posts his ridiculous ideas endlessly and who talks down and attacks anyone who disagrees with him or calls him out on his bullshit.


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        Have you ever started a thread here Booster? Even one?

        And guess what, Mr. -//V\\-. Comics writers can't choose which comic they're going to write. Well, maybe Geoff Johns can, but nobody else. That's because he can appoint himself as a writer. But even his authority is limited there. Not so long ago, Diane Nelson involuntarily reduced his writing workload.

        I think Kurt Busiek has wanted to write Green Lantern for a long time, but they've never let him do it. Even though he'd obviously do a better job than anybody since Gerard Jones.

        Yet you're going to walk into Dan DiDio's office an say, "Guess what, Dan. I'm writing Kyle!" And Dan's going to say, "Oh joy!"

        That's not going to happen. Just keeping it real for you, partner.
        Trey Strain
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          So why don't comics writers get to pick which comics they write?

          Put yourself in Dan DiDio's shoes. If he lets one guy do that, then the very next day there'll be a dozen guys in his office clamoring to be put on a different title than the one they're writing. He can't let one writer establish that precedent.

          Anyway, why was this topic posted in the Introduce Yourself forum?


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            Originally to discuss why people were leaving, then you went on your same rhetorical GL rant.

            I forgot I can's just stroll into Dan's office, maybe I'll find him on a message board LOL

            Just because I have dreams to work for DC and the ability to tell a story in a shared universe doesn't mean it'll never happen because I can't work on Kyle Rayner. See... unlike many people who bitch all day long about DC... I'm still an actual fan. Aquaman, Superboy, Starman, the LoSH, Metamorpho, Ragman, you name it. If I get the chance to pitch anything, best believe I'm going to. I don't care which character it is....

            EDIT: And it's hilarious how much you pretend to know about the business! You asked somebody if they ever started a thread here so I feel I should ask... have you ever had a comic published? Ever had a meeting in DC or Marvel or hell even Image or Dynamite offices? At the very least... I took a tour of their offices in '05 which is probably closer than you've ever been.

            Ωmega Man
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              < link here

              anyway we're at 76 now

              IonFan says

              MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER


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                Yeah, this thread is going nowhere good in a hurry.