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  • Reintroduce Yourself!

    I don't think a lot of us have ever mentioned our names on here so I figure I'd start a thread and reintroduce myself.

    I'm Mason. My first name's Farris but I went by Mason in school to avoid the Ferris Bueler jokes. There's also a "Thomas" because I have a really long name but on all documentation I have for it it's shortened to Thom. I feel I have a new connection to Thom Kallor/Starman now. LOL

    Anyway who else hasn't given us any names to know avatars by? I know a few of you already, now who was born with proper identification and who else has funny names?

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    Reintroductions, eh?

    Well... my name is Thomas Parry... I usually go by Tom, but there are a number of people who have called me Parry over the years, so people calling me Parry here has felt quite normal... no need to change that then, right? ... RIGHT?
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      My name is Brian, some people call me Marvel, and some call me Angst, tyhe 1st for collecting comics, the 2nd cause I was in a punk band and it was call Social Angst, and my stage name was Brian Angst.


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        I usually don't feel comfortable giving out my full real name in forums. I will say that my screen name Nived is my middle name Devin backwards. I do go by Devin sometimes, particularly where I'm in a situation where I don't want to give my name. Usually when there is authority involved. Hey later I can honestly tell them I gave them my name, not my full name or my first name but it was my damn name but if I think I can get out of it Devin is all they get.


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          Well, I'm Ryan. I go by "guinea" at work because of my love for guinea pigs. Not much to say, I work for a local hospital, love Green Lantern to death and I'm a big Marvel guy who loves to do webpages on the side.


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            My name is Tim Becker, I had different nicknames throughout my life. I'll try to list them in order.

            As a kid, we all had names like the Walton's, mine was Timmy John. I didn't really have any other nicknames until I joined the Air Force.

            They are:

            The Cheese (Had something to do with my omelets never being made the way I wanted.)

            Hoser (I was a big Great White North fan.)

            Beek (My last name is Becker.)

            Ted'J (Because of my initials.)

            Then, of course... Mr. Itty.


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              Orion Pax. Real name Pedro. My nickname is Johnny.

              Portuguese GL fan.

              Im from Portugal. Small country on the asssand of Europe. As you might guess, this makes getting GL comics...challeging at best.

              Im a MAJOR Transformers fan too. Im into marcial arts. Done judo for a year, stopped because of a injury sustained in a combat, (got my ass handed to me by a blue belt:P ). Right now I do Body combat (think of mixture between marcial arts and aerobics and you get an ideia of what its like.)


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                I have the 'handle' but I do try to sign most of my posts. I think throwing my real first name out there keeps the void of cyberspace a little more friendly.



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                  I'm Bryan. I am, most likely, the youngest member on here. I, sometimes*, am mocked for it.

                  *sometimes = On a daily basis


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                    I'm Roberto, Italian fan
                    My first nickname was Leo, like the angel in Charmed, you know.


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                      Fearless I wont make fun of your age, but you miss-spelled your name....Kidding, just and I vs Y in our name!


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                        weird but hey cool My Names eddie!


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                          I go by Tyler, but whatever suits you guys.


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                            Originally posted by Lishego View Post
                            Fearless I wont make fun of your age, but you miss-spelled your name....Kidding, just and I vs Y in our name!

                            My name is ALWAYS mistaken for the I spelling. And I mean ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS. So, you win this round...
                            Agent Orange
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                              Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
                              My name's Eddie!
                              Hey Eddie! How's Ed, Edd n Eddy? (like you haven't heard that before)

                              I love that cartoon.