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  • Some of you will remember...

    It's been a long while, so I figured I should post here before anywhere else.

    Several years ago I got bent out of shape about some stuff (most of which I don't even recall) and my actions therewith eventually lead to me being banned. Of course, that didn't stop me from posting, as I made a couple of aliases that I eventually outed sometime later, which were all subsequently banned. It's been the better part of a decade since then, and I had pretty much entirely left this place behind. So it was quite the surprise today when Andrew reached out to me to say he'd lifted my ban because it has been so long that I've likely grown up, and he's not wrong.

    I've changed quite a bit, as do most people in such time, but for me, I was an early/mid-20's kid back then. Now I'm an early/mid-30's guy who is making sweeping changes in his life. Will those changes include becoming a regular here once again? I don't know. But I'll likely pop in from time to time at the very least, so yeah.

    To those who remember me, I hope you'll welcome me back. Any animosity we may have had I don't intend to revisit, and I welcome potential friendships to grow in their place. To those who have come in the many years since, I hope you haven't heard too much about me, because while most of it was probably true, I've changed a lot since then.

    So there we have it. I guess all that is left to say here is...

    Do good. Be well. Make happy.

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    Welcome back, sir!


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      Welcome back. At least you're coming back at a time when most (not all) are pretty happy with the current GL title. The board has slowed down, but there's still daily talk.

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        Welcome back.


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          Water under the bridge man. Welcome back.