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Jay Burg: Secret Origins

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  • Jay Burg: Secret Origins

    Jay Burg is the son of a Daxamite Exile, and a Kryptonian Refugee.

    Jay Burg's Kryptonian Father; Jor Burg, was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. Jor Burg once served as a loyal officer during General Zod's military reign. He took the fall for his general, when Zod's lover; Ursa, framed him for the murder of one of Krypton's high councilmen. General Zod had the councilman killed, when he learned of his attempts to replace the General with one of his own lackeys. Nobody heard Jor Burg's pleas of innocence, and he was sentenced by head Kryptonian scientist; Jor El, to the phantom zone... an other dimensional prison planet.

    Jay Burg's Daxamite mother; Laira Con-De was a world renown scientist on her native planet of Daxam. She specialized in physics, and secretly experimented with extra dimensional travel... something the Daxamite governing body did not approve of. Knowing that she could be punished severely for tinkering against the planets rule against off world travel, Laira could not suppress her curiosities. One fateful day, she was successful in finding a doorway to another dimension. The success caused a loud explosion in her laboratory, alerting Daxamite officials to her lab, and making them aware of her secret experiments. When faced with prison or death for her crime of off world traveling... Laira jumped in to the newly created portal, choosing the unknown instead.

    As the portal closed behind her, she found herself laying in a barren wasteland. The weather was unbearable, as it appeared she landed in the midst of a sand storm. Luckily for her, she was met by a kind wanderer, rather than the more populated violent criminals that inhabit the land. Jor Burg found her, and took her to shelter. He explained that she was now on a prison planet in the Phantom Zone. After a time, Jor Burg, and Laira Con-De found themselves in love. Time passed, and their union gave way to a new baby boy. They named him Jay Burg. But not all was well. Jor Burg had to stay vigilant, as he knew the other phantom zone inhabitants would strike out in jealous rage at his new found happiness. Jor Burg had kept Laira's presence a secret for some time now, but the addition of a baby boy would make his secret family even more difficult to hide, undoubtedly bring unwanted attention to them. When young Jay Burg found himself at 7 years of age... his parents worst nightmare had finally caught up to them.

    Violent marauders found and descended upon Jor Burg and Laira, attempting to kill Jor and take Laira for themselves. Jor Burg knew this day would eventually come, and was willing to give his life, to defend his family. He called out to Laira to take their son away, as he held an explosive in his hand. The Marauders backed off slowly, allowing Laira to take Jay Burg away and to safety. Young Jay Burg's eyes never left his fathers eyes, and their distance grew wider and wider.. before the explosive blast destroyed their attackers - along with Jay Burg's father.

    Laira made sure Jay Burg kept the memory of his father alive, as he proudly wore his fathers Kryptonian symbol on his clothing. Another 5 years would pass, before trouble would catch them again. Another band of phantom zone pirates had cornered them, attempting to take the beautiful Laira, once again. Jay Burg, now 13 years old, attempted to defend his mother, as his father had years ago. Laira watched as Jay was beaten, and could bear it no more. She offered herself to the pirates, so that no harm would come to her son. The pirates let him go, and Laira told her son to go... and become a man. As she reassured him that she would always love him, and that he would never be alone... he told her he would come back for her. The pirates began to crowd her. Laira smiled, as she watched her son run off into the distance, before revealing her own explosive device. Jay Burg stopped and turned, when the explosion went off. Tears filling his eyes, the sudden realization that he was truly alone scared him. The raging desire for vengeance however, gave him the strength and courage to survive.

    A few more years later, and Jay Burg was a man. His devotion to root out the evil of the phantom zone had driven him all these years. His first strike would be on a band of phantoms he had heard about, ravaging the eastern mountain planes. As he climbed the mountaintop, he heard a battle was already occurring. Upon getting to the top, he looked on, as two powerful men were locked in fierce battle. A large glowing light was emanating from behind them. As he looked on, he noticed one of the men wearing a symbol that was similar to his fathers. The battle ended with a flash of light, and the two warriors vanished, leaving behind a small glimmer of energy in front of Jay Burg. His curiosity, like his mother's, got the best of Jay, as he touched it... and vanished from the phantom zone himself.

    Arriving in a dimension not his own, Jay Burg was still alone.. and now lost. His desire for vengeance and justice now gone, Jay Burg simply fell to the ground of this knew strange planet, and yelled aloud. Pounding his fist, he finally came to a pause, as the floor began breaking up before him, spewing lava. He braced for death as the lava poured over him... but it did not happen. Instead, it simply brushed over him. Out of reflex, he had jumped back as to avoid as much lava as he could... and had now found himself floating in mid air. Strength, Invulnerability, and Flight? These things were knew to him, as Jay Burg could not understand it. After a few days of experimenting with his new abilities, Jay Burg took to the stars, and explored his new found universe. It was not long, before a certain group of Guardians sensed his power and presence in the universe... and sent for him.

    Jay Burg was met by a group of Green Lanterns, sent on a secret mission known only to the Guardians. The names of these Green Lanterns were also kept confidential. Upon entering the throne room of the Guardians on the planet Oa, Jay Burg exited after a large amount of time... with a knew purpose in life. He looked down at his new ring, and recited the famous Green Lantern Oath. Green light surrounded him and his new uniform, as he took to the skies above, and prepared himself, for the secret mission bestowed upon him, by the Guardians themselves...


    Jay Burg
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    Most interesting introduction I've

    Welcome aboard, you'll never be the same.


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        yeah that was a bit to long... you had me at "hello" and I then hit the post reply button



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          welcome *insert funny comment here*

          btw you most likely will wana check out the role playing section of the site.


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            migod!!! that was long!!

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              Originally posted by Sev View Post
              welcome *insert funny comment here*

              btw you most likely will wana check out the role playing section of the site.
              What he said.


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                  Originally posted by Old School View Post
                  yeah that was a bit to long... you had me at "hello" and I then hit the post reply button
                  Glad I'm not the only


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                    Cool Introduction.

                    Keep posting, dude.

                    BTW welcome to the Corps, Poozer!!
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                      Welcome to the GLC, enjoy your stay!
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                        Welcome to the Corps!


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                            Welcome to the Corps.


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