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New Poozer from the Detroit area

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    No disrespect intended there IonFan. I missed several people but to my defense it was 2 in the morning & I was a tad on the tired side


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      Welcome to the Corps let me show you around....Over here we have Andrew's Office *whispers* can't go in he's filming again....Over here is xionice's Art Gallery...Notice still no nude Natu's *snaps fingers* here is The_Mad_Dragon's...Ooops..Um he's busy with his porn collection...Over there is Maverick_GL our resident Cyborg, just ignore the cat with the beer and remote control we don't know what that's about...That guy over there sitting in the huge pile of Transformer toys and looking suspicious of everyone from Spain is Orion Pax we just let him have his fantasy world...The guy in the flash costume with a note pad is W.West he fancy's him self a Hollywood Reporter and usually has the scoop, um just ignore his prattle about the Flash....This young man in the orange business suit is Fearless2814.1 watch yourself around him. He is the greedy head of a international corporate machine. now over here is the discussion tables feel free to be post whores...we all are...It was nice to meet you and show you around our asyl..err board...remember meds at 2 and lights out at sundown...Have fun...



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        1.Omega Shenron (indy)
        2.Darth Sidious (indy)
        3.Thanos (marvel)
        4.Power Ring "John Stewart version" (DC)
        5.Jonathan Kramer aka Jigsaw (indy)

        "Meep meep meep meep,
        meep meep meep meep.

        Meep meep meep meep
        meep meep meep meep.

        Meep meep meep meep
        meep meep meep meep

        Meep meep meep meep..........


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          Thanks Drei & Andrea. I was wondering when I'd get the tour. Now I shall start posting .. errr keep posting because I don't look good as a nude model for anyone LMAO


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            Originally posted by The Pizza Guy View Post

            .. errr keep posting because I don't look good as a nude model for anyone LMAO
            Not anymore
            I Make my Own T-Shirts


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              Originally posted by Mycroft View Post
              Not anymore

              Yeah I think I finally got my ring to glow for a moment


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                welcome pizza..
                Goddess Worship Dicussion
                Fatality's Blacksmith
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                  Welcome aboard, Pizza Guy!

                  (Traverse City here!)


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                    Originally posted by The Pizza Guy View Post

                    OK here's my intro to my fellow corpsmen & corps women.

                    My name is Jason & I'm from Michigan (Stomping grounds of as well as ... sorta lol). I've been a GL fan since the Superfriends era and pretty much stopped watching it when it wasn't featuring or guest starring GL.

                    I was always fascinated with the whole GL concept even though I didn't really get on board til the whole Death of saga and subsequent return arc where lost it due to Parallax. The issue where he became Parallax kinda killed it for me. Mind you I am NOT trying to hate on because Kyle was good but it just wasn't the same kind of feeling. Thank god for Rebirth though to have the whole Corps back.

                    And now to finally join the corps here after god knows how long after just checking things out as a mere observer is just awesome.

                    YouTube got me here with the Hal & Kyle show. After watching a few I was hooked and then I ended up coming here & became a board lurking junkie.

                    After all this time of seeing regulars like Andrew, Darth Andrea, Orion, Mav, W west, Jack O Lantern, Fearless and countless others for so long I couldn't hold back any longer and had ta join

                    Having just joined myself, let me say welcome to the Corps!


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                      WELCOME, PIZZA GUY!... Hey, where's my pizza?


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                        greetings, fellow lantern pizza guy.
                        When hope, compassion and love are gone; For rage, avarice and fear have won

                        From the center the green shall alight; By will and justice shinning bright

                        To those who dwell in evil's might; Beware my power
                        Green Lantern's Light


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                          Thanks DRMidnite, Daneg, & fellow Michigander Firefighter (I think I'll call for a sub group called ironically enough .. Green Lantern Corps Michigan Chapter lol)

                          And thank you as well Fearless but ...

                          Originally posted by fearless2814.1 View Post
                          WELCOME, PIZZA GUY!... Hey, where's my pizza?

                          Ya haven't ordered it ya Poozer LOL


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                            Oops sorry I missed ya there glantern. An oversight on my part that is now rectified.