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Greetings from the cold, wet lands!

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  • Greetings from the cold, wet lands!

    Hey guys,

    I just thought I'd bore you all with a thread about me.

    I've been a fan of John Stewart as a Green Lantern since the Justice League cartoon (He was my link to the Green Lantern mythology and remains my favourite of the earth-based Green lanterns, not that anyone asked but my favourite story arc of his has to be Mosaic which is a classic, in my opinion).

    I have filled in my GREEN LANTERN collection right back to the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS (volume 2 #197-200) but I was not an avid reader of G.L until volume 3 (Kyle's volume).

    I know tis will make me unpopular but I've never been a huge Hal Jordan fan, other then his time as Spectre. I don't think he's a bad character (far from it), he's just never been a favourite.

    When it comes to the G.L mythos as a whole I'm a master on no element of it but I can give you a pretty detailed history of John Stewart, Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Tomar-Tu.

    I am greatly enjoying BLACKEST NIGHT as an event and love the various rainbow corps. I think the G.L franchise now is piossibly the most exciting its been ever.

    None G.L related, my interests tend to focus towards Greek mythology and the Arthurian Legends. Not really sure what else to tell you so I'll leave it at that!

    I was referred to this site by Old School so you can blame him for my random-ness



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      Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here.


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        Welcome, welcome, welcome.


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          Welcome to Blackest Night.


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            Welcome to the Corps let me show you around....Over here we have Andrew's Office *whispers* can't go in he's filming again....Over here is xionice's Art Gallery...Notice still no nude Natu's *snaps fingers* here is The_Mad_Dragon's...Ooops..Um he's busy with his porn collection...Over there is Maverick_GL our resident Cyborg, just ignore the cat with the beer and remote control we don't know what that's about...That guy over there sitting in the huge pile of Transformer toys and looking suspicious of everyone from Spain is Orion Pax we just let him have his fantasy world...The guy in the flash costume with a note pad is W.West he fancy's him self a Hollywood Reporter and usually has the scoop, um just ignore his prattle about the Flash....This young man in the orange business suit is Fearless2814.1 watch yourself around him. He is the greedy head of a international corporate machine. now over here is the discussion tables feel free to be post whores...we all are...It was nice to meet you and show you around our asyl..err board...remember meds at 2 and lights out at sundown...Have fun...



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              Welcome aboard, Poozer!!
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                It's Ok if you're not a Hal fan. But you do need to be a Guy fan.


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                  Welcome to the corps and remember never give up hope! hope never dies
                  The Daleks you have the ability to instill great Fear welcome to the Sinestro Corps.
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                    welcome back to the mix buddy
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                      Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
                      The Best Comic Site Ever!!!


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                        Welcome, poozer!

                        Originally posted by Spy Smasher View Post
                        It's Ok if you're not a Hal fan. But you do need to be a Guy fan.

                        Love hurts. "Love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain. A temporany state of mind. Love is lie." Sinestro


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                            IonFan says

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