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  • Pictures of Kyle's Ring

    I have a spot to fill on my left half sleeve and I want to get my favorite lantern's ring tattooed on me so I'm looking for a good picture of Kyles ring. I tried Google but cant find a clear shot of the ring. I'm looking for a picture about 1" by 1" if possible. I turn to you guys for some suggestions. Anything is appreciated.

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    What kind of shot do you need? Face-on, an angled view, the ring alone or on his hand, etc?
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      Kyle's ring is a pretty typical square type ring (as opposed to the ones with a circle you often see). The only ring 100% unique to Kyle is the one where he redesigned his costime following his Ion phase (the first time around). That ring only appears in a couple issues scattered about in JLA and the covers of GL ... not in the interior of GL, if I recall correctly; it doesn't exist in canon.

      I have pictures of that ring if you want.


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        this is the best i can do for ya

        hope it helps

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          Im looking for just solo shots of the ring.


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            This is the best solo shot of the ring I have on my PC.
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              Green Lantern vol. 3 #124 and #131 would be the best place to look. Both issues show Kyle without his ring and gaining it back and are both drawn by one of his creators [Bank$]. Should be a couple good shots from different angles in those two issues. IIRC, he wills the ring back to himself and it zips around a Controller HQ as well as a Manhunter starship.

              Hope this helps!



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                here's one I have of the ring that came with Kyle's first figure by DC Direct

                This is the ring he's shown to be wearing in GL Rebirth
                During the beginning of Kyle's Run in GL volume 3 however his ring is a bit more like this

                as shown on this cover.
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                  Thanks for the pics I might just go with an amalgamation of pictures posted.


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                    Originally posted by Lantern2814.20850 View Post
                    here's one I have of the ring that came with Kyle's first figure by DC Direct
                    That's the ring as shown on Kyle since GL#50. There's a design sheet of him in one of the earlier issues that show Kyle's ring separate from Kyle and it has the three bands on the ring portion. I've got the stainless steel version of Kyle's ring that came out post #50 and it's also got the three bands. The artists just get lazy, heck, a lot of them draw Kyle with the Hal/John design.


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                      Originally posted by Gauntlet101010 View Post
                      This is the best solo shot of the ring I have on my PC.
                      This shot is from the cover of Green Lantern: fear Itself and the one I'm going to use for a tattoo. It looks awesome!!


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                        So how did the tattoo turn out?
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