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Tyler Kirkham leaving book for Wonder Woman?

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  • Tyler Kirkham leaving book for Wonder Woman?

    I was informed by a colleague of mine that Tyler Kirkham will be leaving Green Lantern New Guardians after issue 12 for Wonder Woman. I'm not sure just how much of this is true. However what my colleague has said to me about these before has come to fruition. So I'm almost positive that it will happen. Also he said that GLNG will be put on hiatus for a few months.

    I'm not sure how much of this will happen but thoughts on Kirkham leaving and what you think about the hiatus?

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    Kirkham leaving wouldn't be a surprise (DCnU creative team changes are commonplace), but I'm not liking a hiatus.
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      That's what I'm saying. I'm not too fond of Kirkham leaving but if he does I can't stop it. But a hiatus isn't cool.


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        For october it's Tony Akins and Dan Green, and Kirkham will do Teen titans #0, but after that, no idea. I really liked his work on Conan (dark horse), was one of my favorites, but with GLWG, so-so... not really his style IMO....
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          :/ tyler kirkham is one of my favorite parts of the book. His art is great! damn.


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            Yes time for a change! When is The other two Gl and glc books changing artists or writers?! I know Gj gonna stay after plotting the third army...
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              I just received confirmation from Tyler that he is being moved to Teen Titans, not Wonder Woman. I really hope the quality of this book suffers because of it but I am afraid that it might.