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Kyle needs his own book again.

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    Here's something pretty funny that happened back then. Kyle's fans were clamoring for Ron Marz to be brought back to write Ion. Some of them were even calling him "the Master" on the DCMB. I didn't care because I wasn't going to read it, but some of the guys in HEAT joined in the chorus to bring back Marz because they said he'd screw it up for sure. You know, the old strategy of giving your opponent what he wants, to teach him a lesson.

    I don't think the lesson took, but Ion did tank.


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      Ion was turned from an ongoing to a maxi series to make way for the Sin Corps, it was never canceled because of low sales. And you still called half of Kyle's fans on a Kyle sub-forum ass-wipes, I don't think I made myself look bad in any way. You on the other hand.... HEAT originally stood for Hal's Emerald ATTACK Team, and there were plenty of people who demanded for Marz to get fired, and Dooley too for that matter. Just cause they didn't print those idiot's letters in the letter columns doesn't mean they never existed. I can think of at least two articles in Wizard Magazine that covered this story.

      From an article about not feeding trolls found here, and written by Marz himself:

      "I have something for you," he said, and started digging in his pocket while he kept a stack of comics clamped under his other arm. Uh-oh. When he pulled his hand out of his pocket, he was holding a laminated card. He handed it to me, and told me it was my membership card for H.E.A.T., which stood for Hal's Emerald Attack Team. It had an Alex Ross image of Hal Jordan on the front. On the back, there was a list of H.E.A.T.'s goals; prominent among those goals was getting me fired from the writing duties on "Green Lantern."

      Alzheimer's disease seems to be on the rise in Americans apparently, cause you're remembering the 90's wrong as well as the time around Infinite Crisis...

      EDIT: And for the record, this member of HEAT that Marz is talking about, in the 90's, was a man roughly in his 50's with white hair. Calling an old person or group of persons old isn't anywhere near as insulting as making fun of a guy's screen name or calling half of a fanbase asswipes. Also, you're exactly who I thought you were. SMH...

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        Originally posted by Lantern of Gallifrey View Post
        I think Kyle needs his own book again. I don't know what the premise would be but I think he deserves it.
        I don't know what's in the rest of this thread... I just want to dwell on the notion of a fictional character "deserving" something forever.


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          I'm a Kyle fan that enjoyed the majority of the New Guardians book when it was out. Does Kyle need to be in his own book again? Hell No! How long ago was the last New Guardians issue? It wasn't really all that long ago. Also he's already in The Omega Men which is shaping up to be a really good series so far. Also I'll admit out of selfishness, I enjoy stories set in space more than I do stories based on Earth, so less I see of earth the more I'd likely enjoy the stories he's in.
          Plus the New Guardian theme shifted a few times in the series, which I did enjoy each shift in the series, but maybe putting him in more of a background role will do him some good; it will continue to build the character in another setting, and will keep his character intact. It's not like he's been rebooted to a completely different character like Wally or Bart, it's still the same Kyle, and when his stunt with the omega men is over, maybe then someone will have a concrete place to place Kyle that can last more than 20 issues before moving to another sector.

          On the offset; I personally wouldn't mind seeing more multiverse stories eventually though. Have him goto Earth, team up with Vibe, and have them buddy up and do a team book about high end multiverse battles, a superhero'd-up Fringe kind of thing.


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            I liked the Challengers from Beyond angle as well a few years back, moreso than New Guardians. But we already have Multiversity Too that'll tell similar stories.

            I think what I'm tired of seeing with Kyle is he's been regulated to supporting character in his own books and his character often takes a backseat to whatever gimmick/event DC is pushing. It's aggravating, because he doesn't have time for good development being in a team book like he used to. Challengers, GLC, New Guardians, the Omega Men... he's been in four teams since Ion ended. When's the character gonna get to stand on his own two feet again?