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Adult Titans Rebirth and Kyle?!?

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  • Adult Titans Rebirth and Kyle?!?

    What's left of Kyle's history isn't much. However I think with this Rebirth we won't get a universal kickstart again, rather a select group of characters/franchises will and it will be connected to the Titans Hunt story currently going on to fix the botched continuity. Superman needs a secret ID again, the older Titans need to form a team, the real JSA need to return, etc.

    To get to the point, Donna Troy was already brought back into this universe. Would an adult Titans group be a place for Kyle if it meant he and Donna would become an item again? With the rumored return of a more classic JSA, could some form of Infinity Inc. introduce Jade?

    Kyle's life on Earth is what I miss. Superhero dating problems, feeling like a 2nd stringer, his friendships with folks like Roy Harper [since Wally and Connor are still getting rewritten]. I like seeing Kyle team up with that middle generation, hell even the Impulse and Damage team-ups were entertaining. And a solo seems less likely than just sticking him on another team, so what say you Kyle fans?

    Would you want to see Kyle in an adult Titans series?


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    Kyle could easily fit, but they haven't included him in Hunt so they'd have to shoehorn him now.