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  • A Kyle title

    Let's say DC was considering a title for Kyle outside the GLC setting, and the company called all you folks into its central meeting room and asked you for suggestions.

    Kyle would have a power ring in this title.

    Let's further say that the title can't be Ion.

    What would you suggest?
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    I'd call it Torchbearer, and the first story would be to finally clarify the Starheart/Ion entity situation. In the end, I'd want Kyle to have possession of the Starheart, like he should.

    I'd put Alan in there a lot too. And Todd/Obsidian.
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      Before I go anywhere, I'd look at what to name it. I like "Torchbearer" as Kyle's nickname... I don't like it as the title of a book ("Green Lantern: Torchbearer"... really? it just sounds ultra pretentious).

      Whatever I'd do, though, things would be well balanced between Kyle's life on Earth (or personal life in general) and Kyle's life in the Corps.


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        He'd have to go back to Radu's building. I loved Radu and the other people in the building as a supporting cast. He'd be free to pursue Allison the model as a love interest with no Jade or Donna on the scene.

        A radical idea would be to almost make Kyle's title like a Vertigo title--Kyle's book could go in more mature storylines and situations. For example, he could take on darker aspects of the DCU, perhaps taking up Alan's "turf" in dealing with occult threats.

        Bring the artist side back to the character. He's got a sculpture (Sorrow) to create one of these days as seen in the time of the LSH.


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          Had Ion ultimately become "Ion: Guardian of the Multiverse," that would have been a solid angle. Kyle policing the different worlds in the Multiverse, Multiversal-hopping bad guys, things of this nature.


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            better art then what "ION" got. that's it.

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              Originally posted by Andrew NDB
              Ion: Guardian of the Multiverse
              You stole my angle.

              Going the Vertigo stylish way I would love a book focused on Kyle called

              Green Lantern: Down Time.

              Which would focus on all the stuff we are currently missing and how a guy has to deal with being a Superhero.
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                That could be an interesting study in the psychology of a superhero, and how one handles downtime...
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                  Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                  Had Ion ultimately become "Ion: Guardian of the Multiverse," that would have been a solid angle. Kyle policing the different worlds in the Multiverse, Multiversal-hopping bad guys, things of this nature.

                  I like that pitch a LOT.



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                    I hate the multiverse, so no sale for me. I'd really want Kyle to be ION again. This time with a solid story and great artwork. He'd actually be given the chance to succeed as a solo book. It keeps Kyle jumping back and forth, but I don't see this new GL costume sticking anyway so...


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                      well for me a story would be best if the ion entity and the starheart would come in more powerful and going it back to him as the torchbearer to shine through the "blackest night in 2009" as he would be the reason on stopping it and with hal and corps at his side ....hmmmnnnn


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                        If Kyle gets another book it could go any direction. I liked him as Ion and it's a shame we didn't get that as an ongoing. It sucks every artist had a different take on the suit after the release of the 1st issue cover and the t-shirt. But my angle, something I'm currently writing for the fanfic contest....

                        Green Lantern Corps: the Torchbearer

                        Kyle would get his OLD ring back from Mogo and use the dormant Starheart energy within him to absorb it and become something just under Ion 1.0. I'd only wanna do this with the catch I could "kill" the willpower entity and disperse the vast energies across the universe. I'd clear things up with the Starheart and whale and put Kyle under-cover on Earth in 2814. The Guardians would want him to keep a lower profile and go by another alias so enemies of the Corps didn't immediately go after one of the biggest guns. "Torchbearer" would be that new alias and he'd go back to the Art Retreat to persue his art and that girl who doesn't talk. With the power he has I'd have him stop by Radu's more often, as well as stay connected to the rest of the DCU with his friends in the Titans and his best friend Tyler in Cali. One of the first old plot points I would reintroduce is a twisted "Church of Ion" and somebody impersonating Ion 1.0 with a shard of the Starheart meteor. The Challengers would also be in this to at least a minimal degree if not more. Here's an image I did a microjob for....

                        The design itself takes from the first Ion costume, making the symbol smaller and giving him the white half-boot instead of the green/white spliting down his entire body. Keep the same style gloves he had the first time and give him a classic mask back, make the dot in the "i" glow every so often and there you have it!

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                          I dont like the idea of him being Godlike again, it would get boring. I think that they should just make Kyle a starheart empowered being, with a new alias. I do like your costume design though KL and the Church of Ion concept would also be cool. To me this book would just be a great way of tying up all the different loose ends.


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                            Originally posted by The Kid Lantern View Post
                            Here's an image I did a microjob for....
                            I'm a fan of a lot of your micros... but Kyle looks like a circus performer there, a carnie. Like a trapese artist.


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                              I am a big Kyle fan, I really am, started reading comics with the Death of Superman, and was onboard Green Lantern since Coast City blew the hell up. I like Kyle, I really do.

                              However I do NOT believe that now would be the time for him to get a solo title.

                              He's been a bouncing boy for too damn long, Vol 3, Rann/Than, GLC:R. Ion, Countdown... back to the GLC. Every few months he gets thrown into a new title with a new dynamic, it needs to end, he needs to settle down and become consistantly written again.

                              Personally I am happy with him in the Green Lantern Corps, I loved recharge and was actually unhappy with the Ion change as it seemed a step back not a step forward with the character.

                              He should really REALLY be left alone for awhile, let him be in the Green Lantern Corps, let him do his Honor Guard thing with Guy. Let him reach some kind of status quo for more than six months.

                              Perhaps somewhere down the road I could see GLC being split into the GLC (Sal, Kilowog, Stel, Green Man, Natu, Iolande, Vath, Isamot, Yat Arisia ect.) and an Honor Guard title (starring just Guy and Kyle)... but really that wouldn't need to be preceeded by a dramatic change in his role again.