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Does Ryan Reynolds have the grativas to play Hal Jordan?

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    Ryan will be great!!!

    He has always been my favorite actor and when I heard he got the role of Hal, I swear I almosed cried.
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      I think other people cried too, but for different reasons.
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        Originally posted by Spy Smasher View Post
        You know, I think Christopher Reeve was a great Clark Kent, but his Superman just didn't cut it for me. I wouldn't say it was a lack of gravitas on his part, but a lack of screen presence. He just didn't cut the figure he should have.
        Really? I got the opposite impression! I found him to be absolutely perfect as Superman It was his Clark Kent that made me wince.

        course that's today. Back when i first saw it i just sat thru the Clark Kent parts to get to see Superman (hey i was 7 when the movie first came out!)

        Now as to Hal, I'm sure Reynolds will do fine with what's there. He has done serious roles. that said GL is not a character I attribute a great deal of Gravitas to.
        Martian Manhunter? sure
        Batman? absolutely!
        The Spectre? OH HELL YEAH!!!
        but GL has always been one of the lighter-hearted characters. he's had serious runs yeah hard traveling heroes, his whole tragic loss of his father,and yes his long stint as Parallax/Spectre but even these are blips on the radar of a largely cheerful character.
        I do0n't expect this to be a farce (*COUGH*GreenHornet!*COUGH*)!mind you. but at the same time, this should not be "The English Patient" either
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