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  • John Stewart Cast?

    Hey! What do you all think if I were to propose John Boyega as John Stewart? I know he isn't too well known but I think he could do a good job.

    Also on my mind to play him is Tyrone Magnus. For those who don't know he is a YouTuber and also an actor. I think he looks just like John Stewart and he is build like a freakin' brick!

    Idris Elba and Tyrese Gibson, although they are really good choices, don't shout John Stewart to me.

    I know, the actors I chose are quite unique, but they do shout John Stewart to me! What do you guys think?

    -Lantern Barker
    Sector 2814

    - Lantern Barker
    Sector 2814

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    I honestly would go with Tyrese Gibson. He seems to be a huge fan of the character, so I am willing to bet that he knows the kind of role to play, so I doubt his previous roles will be any kind of hindrance.

    To me, the best kind of actor for a role is one who cares about the character to the point that they want to play that role long before they are even cast. He sounds to me like someone who deserves his dream fulfilled.