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Parallax in Supergirl?! (SPOILERS)

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  • Parallax in Supergirl?! (SPOILERS)

    Some of the episode titles for the newest season have been released and guess what one of them is....

    Season 4, Ep. 5 - PARALLAX.

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    It's possible they're just using the word in its proper sense (like in the movie The Parallax View), but since it's a DC property, so maybe. Or maybe it's more like an easter egg. Didn't someone say Ferris Air is a thing in Supergirl?
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      Whoa, that's a pretty big one. If it's the title of the episode, I doubt it's just an easter egg. My guess is that it possesses someone. Having a GL on would be too big of a thing not to have announced already (but I could be wrong). But an episode with the fear bug possessing people sounds right up Supergirl's alley.


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        From Melissa Benoist:

        "I think their main premise is that fear itself is a villain and can hope conquer it? Supergirl stands for hope, so we'll see. I think fear is her biggest opponent yet because it's more of a wildfire-type emotion."

        I think if/when they do a DCW Crisis on Infinite Earths and merge the worlds it won't matter what show they're on... but I know Ferris Air AND Coast City were mentioned in Flash.


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          Benoist mentioning that it's like wildfire, makes me think the Fear Bug will make an appearance, but it'll be more about creating fear on a massive scale amongst people. (and yeah, there will be someone to punch .... can't imagine they'll have someone who looks like Hal, but you never know)


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            It'll totally be a bug


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              Just as I had decided to stop watching Supergirl. Although to be honest, I don't think the promise of a yellow big will be enough to entice me back in...
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              (even if the ear sucking helped get me off faster)
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                Parallax should possess Kat Grant since she knows how to use fear. Give Flockart one more appearance then have her sadly die and leave the company to Kara.