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    Who would be your picks to play Hal, Carol, Sinestro, Guy, Kyle, Kilowog, etc..?

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    Bare with me as I dont know all the actors names here

    Hal -- Nathan Petrelli from Heroes
    Carol - Ali Larter - already has the chemistry with the above dye her hair and shes Carol
    Sinestro - Ok I dont even know the characters name but the main detective from Law & Order SVU look at him he IS Sinestro paint him Pinkish purple and give him a mustache we're good to go
    Kilowog - Michael Clark Duncan has the body and the voice give him some prostects (a la the Thing) and paint his ass pink -- and we have the WOG
    Kyle - I have not even considered this as I think that a GL Movie would be based on ED
    Arisia - Dr Cameron from House

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      Hal- James Cavizel
      Kyle- Jake Gyllenhaal
      Kilowog- Michael Clark Duncan
      Guy- Ben Browder
      John- Courtney B. Vance
      Carol- Kate Beckinsale
      Abin Sur- Jeremy Irons


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        Hal - unkown actor in early to mid 30's
        Kyle - unknown actor in mid to late teens (cameo only; return in end of third or fourth film)
        Guy - Joe Flanigan (cameo in first film)
        John - Romany Malco (cameo in first film)
        Carol - Kate Beckinsale (hadn't thought of her before, but she would be perfect)
        Abin Sur - Patrick Stewart
        Tomar Re - Brent Spiner
        Kilowog - Michael Clark Duncan
        Sinestro - Gordon Tipple
        Voice of Ganthet - John Malkovich (I hate him, but his voice is perfect for this)
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          Guy in a cameo heres how I see it

          Opening Abin crash scene ring scans for replacement we see the back of Guys head as the "Scan" zips by him Guy half turns and says "Buzz of Jerk" to no one like he just felt some one tap his shoulder then scan concludes on Hal at Ferris
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            I see it as Hal fighting something in a football field mid-game (don't ask why) and he gets slammed back. Some of the players go to see if he's alright and then some stand up to Hal's attacker... Guy being one of them... and it retaliates, tossing them aside, causing Guy's leg to break, ending his football career.

            It shows his spirit of heroism and would create a kind of grudge against Hal, all in one shot... even though its completely independant from the comics, I just think it works well.
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              Paul Newman for Hal Jordan. I don't care how old he is.

              David Niven for Sinestro. I don't care if he's dead or not.


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                Back in the day, Cool Hand Luke seriously would have made a great Hal... too bad he's so old.
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                  Maybe a G.L. movie should use CGI. Then we could have our deceased or senior stars in their prime.

                  Alan Scott -- William Hurt (Dark City, The Village)

                  Jennie-Lynn Hayden -- Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That)

                  Todd Rice -- Wes Bentley (Ghost Rider, American Beauty) or Sean Maher (Firefly)

                  Hal Jordan -- Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Ben Browder (Farscape), or Eric Bana (the former Bruce Banner)

                  Guy Gardner -- Kenny Johnson (The Shield) or Jason Statham (The Transporter)

                  John Stewart -- Richard Brooks (Law & Order, G vs E)

                  Kyle Rayner -- Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain)


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                    Bana as Jordan... now that's a very interesting idea.


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                      I hadn't thought of that... he may work...
                      ... but I wouldn't want to see GL hit with comparisons to the craptacular HULK.
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                        Russell Crow for Hal......Milo Ventimiglia for Kyle.


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                          If they were to jump in with Emerald Twilight as the first film, Milo Ventimiglia would definately fit the role, but he would be too old if they started back with Hal in an Emerald Dawn-esque film and worked up to Emerald Twilight-esque film.
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                            I think unknowns are the best way to go for comic book heroes. You can get well-known actors for supporting parts or villains, but I like new faces for the heroes.

                            Besides, I've got Darryl Banks' rendition of Kyle so ingrained in my head and I can't think of anyone that reminds me of that.

                            When I was watching Superman Returns, I was thinking James Marsden could pull off Hal. But he probably wouldn't want to do yet another comic movie.

                            That reminds me, though. During Superman Returns when the space shuttle was flying on the back of the airliner, was I the only one looking for a patch that said "Jordan" on one of the fighter pilots flying in the escort planes?


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                              O.K. here are my picks:

                              Hal Jordan - Ben Afflick (See Hollywoodland), Josh Duhamel, or Eddie Cibrian
                              Arisia - Rachel Mcadams
                              Carol Ferris - Jessica Biel
                              Sinestro - Gary Oldman
                              Carl Ferris - Rip Torn
                              Kilowog - CGI voiced by Brad Garrett
                              Salaak - CGI voiced by Kelsey Grammer
                              Ganthet - CGI voiced by Anthony Hopkins
                              John Stewart - Tyrese Gibson
                              G'nort - Jack Black