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  • EARTH 2

    I already posted this in the DC Comics Relaunch Thread but I figured it warranted it's own thread on this subforum.

    DC Confirms James Robinson And Nicola Scott On JSAÖ And Earth 2
    Spinning out of San Diego Comic Con bar gossip a few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool heard the word that James Robinson and Nicola Scott were collaborating on a new Justice Society Of America book from DC.

    The series had been cancelled in the wake of the New 52 line, and there didnít seem much room for a team of World War II heroes in the new continuity.

    But today we get the confirmation from the DC New 52 panel at Fan Expo Canada.

    Not only will it include the return of JSA, but it will also launch a parallel world, Earth 2 into the new DC continuity.

    Thanks to Angle Man at Fan Expo for the confirmation.
    via Bleeding Cool

    Thoughts? Depending on which Robinson shows up I could get behind this easily. Not sure about the Earth-2 aspect though...on one hand I think the JSA works better there but I'm not really a fan of introducing the multiverse so early in the relaunch, since I thought they were trying to streamline their universe.

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    DC Comics Announces the Return of "JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA"

    Today at FanExpo 2011 in Toronto, Canada, DC Comics announced during the DC: The New 52 panel that there will be a new Justice Society of America title, written by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott. There had been speculation on the net about this book for the last few weeks, but who knew it would be announced so soon. In fact, it was just three days ago that the pre-relaunch "Justice Society of America" comic ended.

    As an added bonus to the return of Alan Scott and the JSA, Earth-2 is back as well. Robinson and Scott will be telling the tales of the JSA in the new DC Universe, but on Earth-2. Let's celebrate the good news of the society's return now, and worry about the logistics of the new DCU multiverse later shall we?

    “It’s everything you want, but not what you expect,” promises Eddie Berganza, DC Comics Executive Editor.
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      My mind is racing right now. So many possibilities. Earth 2, not being tied down by any of the horseshit going on in the DCnU...

      I wonder if the book will feature the JSA in their prime? So far Mr Terrific is the only member to show up in the relaunch. Will he stay there while the reast of the team is reborn on a new Earth 2? Or will it be a modern version of what the JSA would have looked like if their world had survived the Crisis untouched? Or something new and different from all of that?


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        I wonder if Golden Age Supes/Bats/WW will show up...not to mention Power Girl.


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          Let the Golden Agers have Earth 2, but bring the modern Hourman into the new DCnU as well as some form of Dr. Fate....

          A good writer could've worked the more mystery men angle in the new DCnU continuity and just had some time jumping villain put them in a stasis for a few decades to bring them to the modern day, but I suppose an alternate Earth seems less of a chore. As pumped as I was to hear JSA news this is kind of a let down.

          Now Kyle doesn't have his first mentor around, but now that Donna and Jade are both retconned he's back to only one dead ex girlfriend....



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            so.....does that mean that Kal-L will be coming back to life plz plz plz


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              Eh, I wonder how this is supposed to work? Are we to believe Thawne went and screwed with Earth-2 as well, prompting Barry to "fix" it? Why would Thawne even do that? And what would tinkering with time/history on Earth-2 have to do with characters who were merged into other worlds/dimensions?

              So weird. Why even bother with bringing back the Multiverse if it was just going to get rejiggered again in a few years? Why bring back Jade at all if she was just going to get deported back to Earth-2 in a year? It has become all but impossible to have any kind of confidence in the current regime at DC.


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                I have to agree with you on all points Andrew.


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                  They'll just come up with some nonsensical answer and we'll be like ok

                  While changing time he also messed up the frequencies and some characters went to Earth-2
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                    Jsa.... letz hope alan scott wil be back! B inducted as a gl honor guard. A story arc on the starheart connection to life entity n overcomin the wood weakness.
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                      So my thread is now useless...
                      welcome JSA to DCnU

                      Bring on CHAOS, bring on MY HAPPINESS, bring on rage ..Rage ..RAGE!!!

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                        Originally posted by d3v1lb0y View Post
                        So my thread is now useless...
                        welcome JSA to DCnU

                        But they are not part of the DCNU, they are in Earth 2.


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                          James Robinson...


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                            Originally posted by The Kid Lantern View Post
                            Now Kyle doesn't have his first mentor around, but now that Donna and Jade are both retconned he's back to only one dead ex girlfriend....
                            Oh come ON. Kyle has about ZERO claim to Alan Scott and Jade. They are speedbumps in his history, and both firmly belong with the JSA family and any Earth 2 scenario DC does. It's like the Fantastic Four laying a claim on Wolverine because he was briefly a member.


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                              Originally posted by myuserid View Post
                              James Robinson...
                              Tell me about it. Give me 90's Robinson anytime. The Robinson from the last few years...not so much.