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  • Joe Giella

    He's still with us and will turn 93 next month.

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    I had the great pleasure of meeting him a few years ago and he told me that he was the one who designed the Silver Age GL symbol. I always thought Kane did it. Wonderful gentleman.


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      Not claiming either did or didn't, but I think sometimes (especially when you're talking 60+ years) when you work so long on those properties (and people didn't keep track of that stuff at the time) you can legit forget what you're responsible for. I can't even say how many times I've heard a movie commentary where actors, writers, and directors will try to credit one of the others for some bit and they'll reply "I thought you wrote that."


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        I imagine he did design it.

        I think his inks for Carmine Infantino and Sheldon Moldoff's pencils in Batman and Detective Comics were amazing, even better than the work he did on The Flash and Green Lantern. Maybe that's because of the darker coloring on Batman. He just seemed like the perfect inker for Batman.

        He got a really good gig as the artist of the Mary Worth newspaper strip and closed out his career there.
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          An excellent interview with Giella, from 2007.