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    I've been a long time Hal fan, but the whole Parallax/Twilight/Zero hour storyline happened when I was 9, so I never followed it. So here my question-I have the TPB Emerald Twilight/New Dawn, but what else do I need to get to read the whole Parallax story? Thanks so much!!


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    Well Zero Hour would be good, Final Night to see him officially die, then Day of Judgement to see the whole Spectre thing.....Parallax View in Kyle's run was good, I think it was #63 and #64. You can read the Spectre stuff if you want, but other than that pretty much Rebirth to now.

    And Emerald Knights is also another interesting Hal story in Kyle's run, #101-106.


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      So at the end of a new dawn, when Alan Scott appears to Kyle and explains about Hal, did zero hour happen before that? Also, should I get the Green Lantern/Silver Surfer TPB?


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        No Zero Hour is right after that, may also want to check out Green Lantern #0 The GL/SS trade is just a crossover thing, its not necessary, prob doesn't have Hal in it at all....honestly I don't even remember what it was about.
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          So when do you see the heroes confront Hal and get whupped, like Alan references?


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              Originally posted by Gregory The Magnificant View Post
              So when do you see the heroes confront Hal and get whupped, like Alan references?
              I'm new to GL as well (got drawn in when I heard about Blackest Night coming up and have read all GL since Rebirth), and I have been wondering about this myself since I finally got my hands on Emerald Twilight/New Dawn last week. Wikipedia references the "Emerald Fallout" series as containing the story where the heroes confront Hal, but I have never heard of that series anywhere else.

              Also, I thought I'd read in some online references that Hal/Parallax "decimated" or "slaughtered" or whatever the entire GLC - is that correct, and is that story anywhere? Because beating up some lanterns in space and blowing up the CPB don't constitute a decimation in my book!

              I have to say that Emerald Twilight was quite a letdown after Parallax having been built up as being so incredibly evil in Vol. 4!