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  • Old Kyle issues

    Just got finished reading several old Kyle issues that I picked up from my LCS. They were having a huge sale on back issues where anything they had priced under 10 dollars they were selling for .30 cents one weekend. Needless to say I raided their Green Lantern back issues. I grabbed issues spanning from issue 58-172. Several gaps in between them sadly, but still fun reads nonetheless.

    Favorite issue I bought is 114. Its the climax of Kyle's first fight with Effigy I believe. Its shows how Kyle's character had grown and evolved since he'd gotten the ring and showed just how wrong he could have gone. I truly loved reading that issue.

    What are some of your guy's favorite Kyle issues during his run?

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    That's a kickass deal! Nice haul!

    Here's some of my faves from good ol' Vol. 3:

    #0. Kyle comes into his own and takes down the real Parallax.
    #86. In fact, it's my favorite Green Lantern story of all time!
    #98-106. Loved "Future Shock" and "Emerald Knights," retconned though they may be.
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      Damn, I practically paid cover price after taxes for my Kyle run....

      Was #86 the one with Jade in his shower? That was also one of my all time favorites, #0 too. I like the Our Worlds At War issue for the shower scenes as well....

      Issue #58 was another favorite, even though the art could've been handled better in the end. Issues #120-124 were EPIC. And #141-152 were the best part of Winick's run on the title with beautiful art by Dale E.