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Green Lantern Mosaic Now available!!!

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  • Green Lantern Mosaic Now available!!!

    Well thanks to Black History Month John Stewart's solo book is now available from Comixology at the ultra low price of $0.99 per issue

    That's the Good News.

    The Bad News is they only gave us 10 of the 18 issues produced (issue 1 having been available since the fall gives us a total of 11 issues altogether)

    Still, It's a really great deal and the timing is decent since Mosaic started when Volume 3 was in the mid-twenties (actually I think issue 1 came out around the same month as GL #25)

    Now let's have a look at those Covers! (plus I added the original promotional page seen in a few of the comics available the month before (funny! Green Lantern didn't have this page in It's issue preceeding Mosaics release!)

    Note on #4: John Gives the Mosaic Kids power rings in this issue This might be why they decided to offer to the readers.

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    This entire series need to be collected in trade form!


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      Thankfully I have every issued collected. So I could care less if they collect the series in trade paperback form.


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        I just picked up the last issue to this. Was much more expensive than the rest, for some reason. Gonna be reading them soon.


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          Last issue is most expensive because it wraps up the story (duh) and returns the cities home. My copy of #17 should be in my mailbox shortly.

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            Guess I was expecting the first issue to be the most expensive. But I picked it up NM for $1. Same with Guy Gardner #1. Mosaic #18 VF cost me $8 online, woulda been a lot more from a comic shop.


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              I never cared for mosaic the art was terrible in my opinion and the stories were poorly written, however I did love the original mosaic storyline in green lantern volume 3


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                The art was...different. It wasn't my favorite style, admittedly, but I couldn't really say that it was poorly executed, just stylistically unusual.

                The stories, though, were excellent. (IMHO, of course, TEN_RINGS. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, of course. I also enjoyed the original Mosaic 4-parter, as well.)

                The LETTER PAGES were also something that I enjoyed, because unlike so many other comics, they were perfectly willing to publish and respond to letters that weren't glowing praise. Don't know if those are included in the digital editions.


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                  It just seemed like they were trying to be way to different and thats what made me not like it, I was a young kid when I first read it and I feel the same now after reading it many times, I really tried to like it but I just dont feel it.


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                    Fair enough. It WAS rather different. Rumor is THAT is what got it cancelled. Supposedly its sales were just fine, and it definitely wasn't cancelled as part of Emerald Twilight, as it was gone before they ever made plans for the version of ET we got. Supposedly, TPTB just thought it was too odd...

                    I've no idea how much credence to give that.


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                      I believe it. GLM was definitely a "thinking fan's" book (and I hate that term). However, intelligent mainstream comics were out of style back then, and definitely out of style now.
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                        I wouldn't say completely out of style, just out of style with the two bigs in their superhero universes.

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                          Originally posted by JohnnyV View Post
                          I wouldn't say completely out of style, just out of style with the two bigs in their superhero universes.
                          I wonder, if Vertigo had been around when Mosaic started, if they would have considered putting it under that imprint. Probably not, since they seemed determined to keep the Vertigo and the main DCU separate for the most part.


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                            A couple of months ago, I purchased the entire Mosiac collection on eBay for like $25 with bags and boards. Upon receipt, I thumbed through the first issue, but never made time to read. I'll have to do that one of these days. The art style is definitely... different.


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                              Have yet to read this series. I'm almost at the entry point though. I'm at Vol3 issue #21 in my reading list.

                              I did read issue #14 which I picked up in the dollar bin at an expo. What a funny issue! The writer really captured the pyschedelic bad trip here. That's another thing that makes GL stand out to me. It's got a bit of a counter-culture undercurrent to it. Not lately it doesn't, but when you dig into GL history, there is definitely more bits of truth than most bland/generic comic series.