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Emerald Dawn II: Who is the Red Guy?

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  • Emerald Dawn II: Who is the Red Guy?

    Issue #5, page 5. Who is that red guy? Sinestro??

    Also appears in issue #6, page 3, three of them on page 8, and maybe more in previous issues.

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    Welcome to Anthony Tollin coloration, as interpreted by letterpress. Not Sinestro. One of the other convicts at the prison. No name offered. Believe he's supposed to be either Chicano or Native American. Sort of reminds me of Vibe.

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      Heh, thanks for the details!

      My guess as I read them was that the colorist thought it was Sinestro. Pencils kinda look like him. Can't be too rough on the colorists, colorists are probably overloaded with work, and the editor shoulda caught that. Doesn't explain THREE red guys in one panel though.