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Kilowog - Dark Lantern / Rebirth

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  • Kilowog - Dark Lantern / Rebirth

    According to this:

    After Life
    Kilowog as The Dark Lantern

    Kilowog's soul was brought back to the living by a number of former Lanterns to take revenge on Hal Jordan. Calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Cold Flame, they used arcane rituals to bring Kilowog from the Bolovax Vik afterlife as the Dark Lantern. The Brotherhood never got their revenge and Hal sacrificed himself to reignite Earth's Sun during the Final Night. When Hal's ring recreated Oa, Kilowog looked at it and his soul found peace, returning to the afterlife. Soon after, Kyle Rayner and Ganthet brought Kilowog back to life.
    Does anyone know what issues these events take place?

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    Well, his return was handled in the Hardcover Graphic Novel, "Legacy: The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan". The issue where Kyle and Ganthet brought him back to life was (according to Wikipedia, I'm not with my books to check right now) #169 during Kyle's run. (Though I seem to recall it being spread over at least a couple issues, actually).


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      Yeah, I remember those events but not specifically where they happened. I think it was more than the one issue.


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        I can't speak on the Last Will stuff, but in Kyle's run it was during the Ben Raab era when the Dark Lantern version of Kilowog appeared on Oa and meditated/trained with Kyle and began acting more like his old self. How/when they began hanging out was never touched on, it just kinda happened in Ben Raab's first issue with Kyle losing a bet that had him thinking he could restore the Corps. When some afterlife demons called the Xadai came calling a few issues later trying to drag Kilowog to their version of hell, Ganthet and Kyle managed to help restore 'Wog's old body and essentially return from the dead.