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Store has GL #1-34 for 45$

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    By comlete you mean the around 180 issues? If yes, i'd say it is acceptable since it around 1.15$/comic, and i think that good, however other people might say you can get a better deal on ebay or such, but i doubt it since your going to have to pay for shipping which will be expensive as hell.


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      Yeah, it's complete 1-181 minus the annuals, and it's the only complete set i've found so far on ebay.

      I started into GL a little late so I'm trying to play catch-up


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        And that's the fun part.


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          Yeah, I seam to doing a bunch of that lately. I'm just glad they're releasing the Green Lantern Chronicles I just hope they keep with that in a timely fashion, so the second GL series would be readily available to collect.


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            Originally posted by Mr.Itty View Post
            And that's the fun part.

            Yes, I fondly remember my days trying to fill in the gaps in my collection. Now, sadly, the only gaps are too expensive for me to fill with individual issues, and the Archives seem to have stalled.


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              Let's just hope the that they can release the chronicles in a timely fashion to finish the collection completely not just stall out, like they seem to do so often.

              EDIT: I purchased the set, it's the only full set I've seen on ebay in a long while, there was a partial set up till the end of the Hal Jordan part (issue 81) and that was 100 dollars, so I can settle with this and get the full set

              EDIT EDIT: I got them in the mail today and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and found I got a lot more that I thought I would, I got the complete Day of Judgment, Final Night, Circle of Fire, and Emerald Dawn II mini-series, almost all the annuals, GL and Ray, and a ton of extras so now I don't regret the final buying price for a set like that. Especially since I was just gearing up to track down all of those issues so that narrows my search down by quite a bit.
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                Since I got married, I've just made a point of regularly cleaning out my comic collection. My wife doesn't care, but I just don't want longboxes stacked in the closet.

                I have to give myself the comic fan 'reality check' and ask if I'll ever actually pick a particular book up and read it again. It's sometimes tough to fight my inner fanboy, but I'm probably not going to want to read about Norman Osborn screwing Gwen Stacy ever again (like I actually did the first time). Books like that get the boot.


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                  I need to get rid of a bunch of old back issues myself Doug. Like you though, it's hard to justify doing it, because even if I know I'll never read a certain issue again, I'm sure I'll wish I had it as soon as I get rid of it.

                  What do you end up doing with old issues? I can't bring myself to just throw them away.