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Does anyone have the original ET script?

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  • Does anyone have the original ET script?

    I've been reading through volume 3 and was curious to read the alternate Emerald Twilight story. I understand that DC asked to have it removed from a couple sites but I figured someone on the boards probably has it and was hoping they could PM me and we could work something out. Thanks so much.

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      It may have been thrown together at the last minute....but I think ET is a better story, it more human.

      But thanks for the post Valens, its good info!



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        I think the original story could have been interesting, but not permanently.

        And I dig ET because it gave us Parallax and the return of Hal Jordan after a long absence, so I'm glad things happened as they did.


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            Originally posted by Larfleazy E View Post
            Trying to be funny or you didn't read this thread closely or something.


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              I think with some tweaks this could have been a great basis for johns to have used for the current war


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                I'm not fully convinced with what I've heard about the original ET. Kilowog supporting Sinestro under any circumstances is a terrible idea. And the Guardians makin' babies with the Zamarons is best left forgotten IMHO. I think it might have been an interesting story, but hardly a landmark one since the status quo never really changes. Hal's still got the exact same power he's always had - only more boring (not a fan of ringless non-GLs), the Guardians and the Corps is still intact ... the only real step forward is the return of sinestro.

                The Hunter GLs sounds like the Fists of the Guardians, though. It would have been cool to see them back.


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                  I was first introduced to comics period by Kyles series (around issue 90) This is nuts to think what may have been. Cause it sounds like an awesome series. Not sure what my thoughts on "the Protector" are...