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Green Lantern Corps #52 *Spoilers*

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  • Green Lantern Corps #52 *Spoilers*


    might as well get this thread started: Bodikka lives!

    ok, thoughts?


    Originally posted by Andrew NDB
    Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.

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    Good issue; loved Soranik getting Honor Guard status.
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      I dont see how she deserved it tbch......and I just found it odd that they made Ganthet 1 as well.

      also, if CS wanted to die, exactly WHY does he spend so much time doing the shit that he does?? that was lame IMNSHO.


      Originally posted by Andrew NDB
      Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.


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        someone want to actually post some spoilers?


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          I have to say, I am very happy with the new Honor Guard roster and some great closure of issues with Boodika and the Alpha-Lanterns and a moving forward of terms. I thought Cybor-Superman's defeat was very poetic and Natu making Honor Guard was the best.


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            I thought that this was a fitting ending to the story arc. I'm glad to know that the Alphas were not all destroyed but just turned back to normal (as normal as one can get looking like robots) and also the new roster for the honor guard. I imagine this will be more of a team book now focusing on just the honor guard but I hope the writer takes advantage of the whole you can got to any sector so we can see team-ups with other Lanterns. Though I will say: (highlight for spoilers) Hank Henshaws death was a little anti climatic. I mean seriously, him and Boodika fighting inside her mind and then him getting cut in half just seemed a weak death for a character that longed for death. I think his death in Sinestro Corps war was done far better. Overall a solid issue.


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              He'll be back. Ptf.. getting sliced in half and rejected is nothing. Still, he should be happy about death. During those final moments he was acting like he hungered for life still. So yeah the end of Hank during this was HIGHLY anti-climatic. It should been Hank not putting up any fight and saying well then.. give it to me. Give me death! I mean I get he tries pushing everyone to kill him.

              But still, the death is all sorts of lame and so open ended anyone can bring Henshaw back again. If the dude can survive being in a black hole.
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                I miss Patrick Gleason. But art aside, GLC is my favorite GL book on the shelves.

                Loved the treatment of Kyle and John! So good to get a spotlight for those two!

                Full review here:


                Thanks for reading!


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                  This issue was lame.

                  Screw the alphas.

                  Heshaw wanted Ganthet to make him human again so he could die a man and not a machine.

                  Very anti-climatic. Henshaw is not dead.


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                    I was hoping for more from Henshaw during this arc. I guess he did a pretty big thing, infiltrating the GLC, stealing the Alphas, imprisoning Grenda, forcing Ganthet to his Will.

                    Still...I wanted more. Maybe one more issue, so they could have extended his fight scene with Kyle and John.

                    I think the highlight of everything was Henshaw controlling the billions of Grendian robots, that was impressive.

                    Can't wait for his next appearance.
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                      Pretty badass conclusion to the first arc.


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                        Pretty good issue
                        Good end to the arc, wish there was more cyborg sups fight but another issue would have been too much
                        I almost died when John mentioned that he has a degree in architecture, guess he didn't forget

                        Ganthet faces ughhhhh
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                          I liked it. It was a fitting conclusion and actually a really believable end to the cyborg. It was nice to see that inside, Boodika really was herself despite appearances. Actually it was more like her since she reappeared in Volume 4!

                          It seems like this death is meant to stick, but it'd be interesting to see what they'd come up with if he's ever brought back again. He works MUCH better as a GL villain than a Superman one.


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                            Here's my review:
                            Good conclusion to the arc, just wish Syaf would have tried getting all the rings in at least this issue, but what can I say. It seems like Bedard will keep pulling from old, less explored concepts, like this arc and the next, and I'm excited to see how the series progresses from here.


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                              well about time we got some background story from hannu (soon i hope now that he's part of a book). always hated that newcomers like soranik and iolade have better background story than the veteran lanterns like brik, hannu, and the rest. and maybe some drama with soranik being sinestro daughter. too bad iolade have to find a new partner now (and is she still part of GLC book?). hopefully iolade new partner would be someone interesting. alpha retain their status and extended abilities but with independent thought and emotion is great.

                              i don't like the fact that GL:EW spoiled the fact that kyle and stel survive alpha lantern revolt (with only passing dialogue no less).

                              the lantern universe has gotten so big now that i think we need another book to explore the other lantern beside green (called lantern corps maybe?)
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