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  • Hector Hammond...

    ... was wearing an orange shirt at the end of GL #31. The foreshadowing of something brewing in the present?

    Though to be fair, in an issue where every GL has white boots, does it probably mean anything at all?

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    Y'know, that's not a bad observation. While I don't think Hammond is Agent Orange, I could definitely see him being part of the Avarice Corps. He certainly seems rather possessive of Carol (though, given what we know of her character in the past, I can't imagine her being too thrilled about somebody referring to her in such a possessive manner, even if they ARE dating).

    Then again, with the coloring mistakes, who knows? Maybe he's supposed to be wearing a violet shirt, and will be inducted into the Love Corps. (Oh, ick, I just had a picture of Hammond as he now appears, wearing a Star Sapphire costume. )


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      Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
      (Oh, ick, I just had a picture of Hammond as he now appears, wearing a Star Sapphire costume. )

      Thank you so much for sharing that visual. Twisted, man, just twisted.


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        I don't think Hammond would look too fetching in those purple high heel boots, lol.

        Putting Hammond in the orange/greed corps isn't too bad of an idea. His possessive comment at the end of the issue certainly lends credibility to the idea, and Johns rarely brings old characters back just for the hell of it. He usually has some kind of plan or angle for everybody he uses (unless it's in JSA of course!).

        I'm wondering, will every member be called an Agent Orange? Is it the Agent Orange Brigade, or just the local 2814 guy that will be using that name?

        Great to see ol' Hector Hammond before the accident, BTW. I wasn't expecting him, though he fits perfectly now that I think about it!


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          I remember that 80s arc of GL (actually I think it was going under the GLC title by then), a 3 parter I think, where Star Sapphire takes off all her clothes in front of Hector Hammond just to screw with him and to torment him with, "What you can never have."


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            Dude! I remember that! It could've been a great adult movie if it ever got adapted! I loved how SS torutred the poor guy like that, lol.


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              Beads of sweat rolling down his head, it was great.


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                Ham as an OL?.... eh, not really thrilling, but it could work.


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                  didnt notice it, but yeah Hector could possibly be orange.

                  and for the orange shirt, Geoff loves to do this things, putting some meaning on the things the characters wear, symbolism. like in rebirth, Carol was wearing a yellow scarf, and Geoff told us that he did it on purpose coz it has meaning....

                  btw, where is Hector Hammond now?


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                    Originally posted by Tons T View Post
                    btw, where is Hector Hammond now?
                    Last week's DC Universe #0 pegs him as being lost in transfer.