Who here actually believes the predictions about the future of the GLC ?

I can honestly say I don't believe a word. With all the retcons, future story lines, & conflicting information due to those I find it impossible to believe a single bit of it.

Everything is always changing which is why I think the storylines about "the future" should be treated as things that "could" happen as opposed to things that "will/have" happened.

Hal is in the future as Pol Manning.
Kyles relatives are there and GL's.
Ganthet gives out rings.
Yat isn't dead before Mogo.

Now as for Hal/Pol thats obviously huge retconning Zero Hour where its said that they know Hal's "final malevolent fate" or something close to which is a point if that does come to pass (which did) how would they not know he came back & was freed from the malevolence.

Kyles relatives is quite possible but to be GL when the Corps is gone ? I'm not exactly sure on that one because I didnt see that particular arc but it is possible with temporal hopscotching which would kinda kill the whole notion of no Corps then. If anyone can explain that arc I'd appreciate it however.

Ganthet giving out rings .. I just don't get. Is he having a color crisis ? Is that foreshadowing by a different writer ? Again I didn't see that arc so info may help me to change my viewpoint somewhat.

Yat & Mogo. Didn't happen pure & simple.

Yes I know that things change with writers and such but all the retcons just make too much confusion. Some retcons however are definately workable (ie replacing Legion & the yellow radiation to Atrocitus) but more actual continuity is what I think is needed.

Any thoughts or enlightenment ?