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  • Blackest Night Time Capsule™

    I saw a thread like this elsewhere and I thought it seemed like a sound idea and fun.

    Post your predictions here for Blackest Night and its outcome and then, when it's over, we can look back and see how spot-on we were/how way off base we were.

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    - Conner Kent comes back...
    - Mention of a white lantern ???
    - The corps will soon incorporate multiple ring colors.. especially Blue...
    - Guy Gardner gets a large amount of spotlight... and possibly sacrifices himself in a huge way.

    - When all is said and done... Hal will still be the MAN....

    Team Cyclops !!! ...Screw Wolverine.


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      I see the following things happening during Blackest Night.

      Kyle - Dead by the end.

      John - Faces a Dead Black Lantern Katma and finds a way of bringing her back to life with the help of Fatality.

      Guy - Don't know yet.

      Hal - With the help and possible sacrifice of Sinestro Hal puts the Black Lanterns down and in the process discovers something that links the BL's to the Guardians and goes off alone and wipes them out again.

      The Corps - After the evens of BN with the Guardians gone they restructure with a council of prominent GL's as the leaders but with Mogo dead the corps will slowly dwindle away until we find in the 31st century all that is left is Sodam Yat.



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        -Kyle battles Jade after she kicks Natu's ass, with Natu saving Kyle at the very end
        -John and Fatality kiss in the heat of battle
        -Cowgirl dies at the hands of Carol Ferris
        -Guy has a Bruce Willis in Die Hard moment...prerequisite
        -Hal attempts to kill the Guardians but backs out in the end, but Sinestro finishes the job(at least one).
        -The Indigo's will be a very small corps, but surprisingly powerful
        -A prominent Green Lantern will no longer be a GREEN Lantern.
        -The Indigo Lanterns will have the BEST introduction to the story than any other corps
        -Kryb will kill one or more Star Sapphires
        -Sinners and Sinners will do battle. lol
        -The Sinestro followers will help Hal Jordan(and the GLC) save the day in the end
        -It'll be Sinestro and Hal shooting their rings into the Black Lantern Power Battery destroying it, and ending the battle.


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          Ok here goes:
          -Huge Multi-Corps Battles
          -Previously Dead Characters will Return.
          -Multiple Tie-In Books
          -High Sales Numbers
          -A Corps Member dies....

          Okay, So I played it real vague and safe basically assuring that I'll be correct!
          The Corpsman formerly known as JadeSkarab


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            Sinestro will survive.
            All of the Earth Lanterns will survive.
            Some of the Guardians will die.
            Ganthet and Sayd will take over the Green Lanterns again. The Blue Lanterns will stick around, maybe even incorporated into the Green Lantern Corps.
            Not all of the colored Corps' will be around after Blackest Night.
            Martian Manhunter and Aquaman will be alive again, not as Black Lanterns. Conner Kent might be alive again as well, but I'm not sure.
            An even bigger threat than the Black Lanterns will rear its head before everything is over.


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              -Guy becomes the greatest Green Lantern again.
              -Ganthet and Sayd return to the GLC.
              -Hal and Sinestro team up to destroy the Black CPB, but in doing so Sinestro is "killed".
              -We find out that was Ted Kord in the Epilogue of Booster Gold #1,000,000 and he returns...this one's wishful thinking on my part.

              I like Mike's idea of an even greater threat emerging before it's all over.


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                - The central power batteries of certain corps will be destroyed.
                - The Guardians will be forced to accept emotion as playing a role in the universe. Scar will have tainted them in some way. Ganthet will have already known this... but refused to be the cause of spreading doubt in the GLC.
                - Blue Lanterns will be reduced to just a handful of members.
                - Kyle and Natu will still be together. Jade will sacrifice herself for their love.
                - Guy will dominate and destroy.
                - John will find solace for his little Xanshii mishap.
                - Hal will have some over glorified battle with his dead daddy. Sinestro will help him defeat a decent amount of black lanterns.
                - Too many characters will be resurrected.
                - Some act (hopefully not a white lantern, although this does look like it may happen) will cause black lanterns to be restored to their former selves. In fact.... i'm just going to take a complete stab in the dark and say that it involves Alan Scott.
                - Hal will be with Carol
                - Sinestro will act out of character in order to save his daughter.
                - Sodam Yat will display insane powers.
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                  - The Guardians will be destroyed (for now) via the war or by Hal as they make the Corps unbearable for practically any member. Their rules essentially dictate the Corps be living Manhunters, unemotional and detached from everyone & everything.

                  - Ganthet will regain control of the Corps. Sayd may survive, but I suspect she will sacrifice herself. Ganthet will remain the sole guardian for the time being, but eventually the Guardians will be brought back again by Kyle, since they gave him the power to do so in the Ion mini.

                  - All the other Corps will be gone, with possible exception of the yellow and blue.

                  - Saint Walker buys the farm, as much as I like him.

                  - Hal being denied any love relationships (Carol, Cowgirl) will lead to his revolt against the Guardians. A revolt most of the GL Corps will support.

                  - Hal's ability or ties to all the colors of the spectrum will enable him to defeat the Black. Sinestro and Hal will fight side by side until the very end. And then Sinestro will "die" and Hal will finish the job.

                  - Sodam Yat will finally give us a reason to believe whoever is Ion really has THAT much power. Hasn't happened yet, but he will let loose in Blackest Night.

                  - We will finally see the other living entities of the other Corps.

                  - Some Black Lanterns will revolt against their masters. Manhunter and Abin Sur being two.
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                  Crime and Punishment, Damnation and Redemption. Hal
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                  who I am. And once again I've been given power enough
                  to change the world. This time, Lord...
                  Let me be worthy."


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                    Finish with this 2 words..
                    THE END?

                    Like every main event at DC this past 2 year... Nothing its gonna happen!!!
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             is my prediction:

                      -Hal will become the White Lantern...somehow one ring from each corps will come together and fuse, creating the White Lantern ring.

                      -The only Guardians to live will be Ganthet, Sayd, and Scar.

                      -Sinestro will help Hal, but he will live in the end and somehow become a Green Lantern once again, causing the Fear Corps to disband.

                      -Indigo Lanterns, while they help both sides heal, will fight with the good guys.

                      -Star Sapphires (Zamerons) will die out because they will realize that while love is powerful, it is not powerful enough against evil.

                      -None of the Black Lanterns will be brought back to life...except for maybe Katma Tui.

                      -Ganthet and Sayd will take over the GL Corps after the Guardians are dead AGAIN, but instead of them dwindling the numbers of blue lanterns, they will increase the numbers to equal that of the GL corps to have two of each in every sector.


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                        - Stewart gets the spotlight

                        - Status quo of The Guardians changes

                        - Very Darth Vader type redemption of Sinestro

                        - Die Hard Moment for Guy! Hey West... Yippie Kai Yay! But Hal will still have to outshine Guy through it...

                        - Make me impressed Geoff, if ya bring Kord back let's do some foreshadowing work with him since we saw something Bwah ha ha that was shown in Booster.

                        - I want something that will go down in comic book's greatest fights in Wizard years from now with the rematch between Conner and Prime, I'm talking epic! I also want Prime a baddie but stepping in to fight an even bigger baddie Conner under the influence of the Black Lanterns.

                        - There will be something that leads both books at the end. As in Sinestro Corps lead to Blackest Night. Give both books something to work towards, gives good hype for a year of story telling.


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                          -Sinestro will die in Blackest Night, but somehow be brought back
                          -Kyle will be severly injured in a major battle
                          -Atrocitus will fight Alan scott
                          -Black Hand will kill Guy
                          -Hal of course will be the savior
                          -John stays black
                          -Scar and Ganthet will have a throwdown, and Ganthet wins
                          -Mongul jr dies at the hands of his father


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                            geoff already said that guy was going to be the greatest green lantern.. so why are we predicting it LOL.

                            I see fan faves coming back to the land of the living.

                            I see sinestro making it out alive and well.

                            I know jericho will not be a black lantern
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                              Is that as in the sixth sense, "I see dead lanterns" old school?