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Green Lantern #14 *Preview/Spoilers*

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    I said to my roommate yesterday "I can't believe the Justice League is doing nothing about the man that stole Wonder Woman's costume."
    I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.


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      Compared with Justice League #13, I agree with you about WW on this cover. And that's coming from a woman, too.

      But for several of you above, again pleading the continuity issue, consider anew the possibility: that when the Guardians (symbiants? all fused into the person of Ganthet?) were "placed" in new bodies during Volume 3 (after Ganthet was left in charge of the young ones born of the Guardian/Zamaron baby making) that something, maybe, went wrong with the transplant? The old theory was that it was symbiants in the Maltusian bodies that made Guardians out of otherwise "merely" immortal beings (shades of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the many lives of Dax!). The first to be corrupted was Scar. How? Way back in Vol 4 #35 or so. She was infected by a dark source at the hands of the Anti-Monitor. A dark source of what? Ah, that's what we must determine, and perhaps the answer to that will come out of the Death Zone.

      Nice transition issue. Got just about everybody worked into this one somehow. Sinestro, Hal, Guy, John, Kyle, Baz and Sister Baz, the JLA, Black Hand, the standby Guardians in the Chamber of Shadows, even Amanda and her squad. Enough plot tickles to keep the anticipation up for, oh, a few more issues.

      Prediction time. In the last story of the arc, the First Lantern will defeat the Guardians, the Zamarons will unleash the entities, the First Lantern will absorb all seven entities and, after facing off against Kyle, will blow himself to smithereens from the sheer power. Leaving our heroes to emerge from within the Dead Zone to place the standby Guardians in charge of, once again, gathering the force of will and placing it within a green battery... the last, and only, light to survive. No evil shall escape our sight.

      The power of will is found at the deepest level of your being. It's more than mere rules. It's a duty that you must honor.


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        The problem with that theory is that Geoff has shown us plenty of flashbacks to the Guardians' past, and they seem just as shifty then as they are now.

        I would love it if there was some explanation forthcoming as to why the Guardians have changed so much for the worse all of the sudden, but everything I've seen tells me that Geoff has retconned them as essentially being this way from the beginning. He WANTS us to see this as a natural progression for them, and to do that he has changed not just what they are, but what they were as well...


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          Well, while I think it's a natural progression for the Guardians from our real-life point of view it's pretty clear that in volume 4, and especially in the new 52, all that old continuity is just gone. They were always aloof (and probably misguided) and, after time, just went nuts. With the breaking point seeming to be Blackest Night (when they realised emotions got out of hand).


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            A Dead Zone?! Wow who lives there? Who is the Mysterious new guy that talk with Hal and Sin??? The new guardians in the Chamber going to go and kiss some guardian Butts!!! Black hand will lead them! Another anti hero?The last four pages is the Best of the whole third army storyline!
            Let Ther Be LIGHT! Evil Beware My Powers!!!


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              Originally posted by A_Q Lantern View Post
              A Dead Zone?! Wow who lives there? Who is the Mysterious new guy that talk with Hal and Sin??? The new guardians in the Chamber going to go and kiss some guardian Butts!!! Black hand will lead them! Another anti hero?
              Someone help me out, he's being sarcastic right?


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                Between Simon Boring, the brain dead league, and these out of character Guardians, this title needs a new direction.


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                  Originally posted by Space Cop View Post
                  So for you Mahnke fans who think he's great, do you actually like that Wonder Woman on the cover? You know, the one that makes Bridget Nielson and Grace Jones look feminine.
                  <whips out copy to look at cover>

                  Yeah...I got nothin'.


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                    Originally posted by Hypo View Post
                    Someone help me out, he's being sarcastic right?
                    Nope just being excited for this Dead zone and Hal and Sin!
                    Let Ther Be LIGHT! Evil Beware My Powers!!!


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                      ya know, I had happened to glance @ the cover for this, and the RingSlinger in me said "Yo!! that new GL is gonna take on the League........GET THAT BOOK MAN!!", to which I *almost* made the effort of doing so, but the I played it safe and came here 1st to see wat U fine ppl had to say about it.

                      so yea, Im just here to say THANK YOU for keeping me from wasting my time.


                      Originally posted by Andrew NDB
                      Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.


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                        I enjoyed this issue but even I must say it wasn't the most interesting one iv'e read! Simon seems to be a truly selfish person and not looking at the big picture of what has just happened and is also way to advanced for someone who has 'just' dotten a ring! And I'm way more interested in whats happening with Hal and Sinestro. I did love Hals last line of 'What the hell have you done now!'