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The Ethan Van Sciver Talk Back thread

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  • The Ethan Van Sciver Talk Back thread

    Hi, Ethan here. I thought I should join this glorious forum and be among you, the people that I love. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments on this thread for me, and I will check it nearly every day and respond.

    Sinestro gets a bad rap,
    Ethan Van Sciver

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    I love you

    The cover for Rebirth #5 is one of my favorites


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      Looking forward to see you (and Moose) in Chicago. Oh and thanks for signing those Ivan Reis lithos for me, they made some great Best Man gifts. You kick some serious ass (like Chuck Norris with the Speedforce).
      Originally posted by BatmanofSector2814
      I have yet to see Avatar, mainly because it is the plot of Pocahontas wrapped in a "Halo vs World of Warcraft" flavored, CGI heavy shell...and I've already seen Pocahontas and played all 5


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        Hey EVS, wondering if there is anything we can do to get Moose back on GL it just isn't the same without him.
        "If at first you don't succeed, try Kyle again!".


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          Welcome, Ethan! An honor and a pleasure, and it was awesome meeting you on Saturday.

          Sinestro does get a bad rap.


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            omg, one question for you.

            For all fans of Lantern you are the man people most associate with THE green lantern artist from your work on Rebirth and a few issues of the current series. And the Sinestro special was one of my favorites.

            So why aren't you doing more GL? Or are there things that you know that we don't know that are coming? Hmmmm???
            "Gone are all my comforts, I held so dear
            Sold them to strangers looking for a deal
            You left me here all alone, my worst fear
            Don't think this kind of pain will ever heal
            I gave to you my life and love for years
            Look deep in my eyes, my pain do you feel
            All I ever wanted was to be loved
            Waiting on dad to take me up above"


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              It's awesome to have all the pros around this place now. One more reason why I don't need the GJ forums anymore!

              Ethan, Andrew mentioned a sketch he was getting from you with specific details in Kyle Rayner's costume. On commisions do you get a lot of requests for certain small details? Like say if I wanted a bald Superman in rehab drunk next to Britney Spears would that be too much?



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                Welcome to the forum Ethan.

                Winner: Reality TV draft 2014

                "Weeds. All of them weeds. I am perfection, and I am alone in the garden of the universe." - Cyborg Superman


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                  Ethan, thanks from this long time GL fan for making GL look like a serious book. So many well written books today do not seem to have serious art. Yours make GL seem like a strong hero and exciting story. SO kudos.

                  I love the fact you and Geoff made the green energy described and looked different for each GL (especially in REbirth). I remember Steve Englehart did similar in the writing of an issue near Crisis where John, Hal and Guy all had exposition text describing how they view the green...but the art made the constructs all seem the same.

                  Also...kudos for the "shining logos" on the GLs. I love that touch and its interesting to see other artists pick it up even in flashback stories!


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                    Its great to have you here, Ethan... you are a truly talented man.
                    And on a side note: my brother is going to name his son, Ethan.
                    Do good. Be well. Make happy.


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                      Ethan, welcome. Love your art in GL and everything else I've seen. I especially loved your latest in JLA #20, that was amazing. I wish you could do Flash or WW more often.

                      One question; Do you care to comment on the idea of Guy as an Orange Lantern that you made over on the DCMB? A joke? Potential idea? Possible spoiler??? C'mon man, you can't tease us GL fans like that!!! lol

                      Oh, and on another note. I'd love to get a sketch of the Ion and Parallax entities from you some day. I want to tattoo them on my ribs.....


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                        Welcome Man!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome to have you!


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                          The Big-E in the house. I love this guy. I have met alot of cool people but the Big-E is by far the coolest. If he is at a con near you go see him. The man is funny nice and has an aprecation for the fine things in life like Arch Hall Jr. flicks. It is good to have you here bro.
                          Take life with a Grain of salt and a shot of tequila!


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                            Welcome Ethan, I too enjoyed your work in JLA #20 and GL:Rebirth. Glad to have you here. Hope to see more of your work soon.


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                              Hi Ethan, it's fantastic to have you here!
                              I'd love to see you working on Barry with Geoff very soon!