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  • Ethan, I'm dying to know. What is the name of the "fish guy" who Hal Jordan or spearing on the two page splash of War of Light in GL #25?


    • Hey Ethan,
      Great meeting you today at Wizard World Philly.
      Here's The Original concept Drawing I did of my Uniform back in '92
      (couldn't find a pair of wrap-around shades I liked in time)
      I had a whole slew of characters based on my friends in the Dorm at the time called the Justice League Counterparts. I'll try and get around to posting some of the others in the near future
      Green Lantern Unlimited!


      • Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
        No problem! ok real question this time though... Most artists have been known to use actors for a basis to draw the characters have you done that with any gl?
        Sometimes! Guy Gardner was difficult for me to get the hang of, but I saw some photos of Billy Idol, and I started to think that Guy should sneer like that. It was helpful.

        But that was unusual. I mostly have an idea of what these characters are supposed to look like in my head, and just wing it from there!



        • Originally posted by Aberration View Post
          Hi Ethan! I'm a big fan of your art, just like everyone else here Here are some things I was wondering about:

          1. Is there any one character that you hate so much that you won't draw him/her/it? (much like a certain painter won't draw a certain GL...)

          2. What's your opinion on Spider-Man: One More Day/Brand New Day?

          3. What was it like working with Grant Morrison on New X-Men? Any chance of teaming up with him again?

          4. Any chance you and Geoff could campaign for DC Direct to make official Corps rings for sale? (Not like the ones that came with mini-busts years ago, rings that are actually meant to be worn, and you have to give them your ring size, etc.)

          Have a great week, and take care

          P.S. I feel compelled to point out that if Hal, Kyle, and Sinestro's uniforms had vanished at the end of issue 25, Kyle and Sinestro would've been fighting through Coast City naked :P I noticed that mistake too, but I guess they decided that inconsistency is preferable to nude wrestling.
          1. There is no character like that that I can think of. I would draw whoever needed to be drawn to tell the story that needed telling. And there isn't any DC character that is so poor that some thoughtwork can't improve them.

          2. I didn't read it, so I don't really have an opinion.

          3. It started out amazingly and quickly turned awful. But that was the state of things then. I would work with Grant again, absolutely. Love to.

          4. That would be nice. We've been asking for that for years.


          • Originally posted by Emerald Torch View Post
            I've noticed that the Blue symbol looks a bit like an upside down Sinestro Corps symbol. The Indigo corps symbol has arrows pointing outward (compassion?) while the Orange Corps symbol has arrows pointing inward (greed?). And while the Star Sapphire sign seems to be lighting up, the Red Lantern symbol is trapped. Was all this intentional? Or am I just crazy?
            You are very perceptive.


            • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
              Here's one for you, Ethan.

              Did you kind of pull the design for Kylax out of your hat, or was it at least partially based on Darryl Banks' design of Kylax from the very first GL Secret Files (and I believe it reappeared -- and in color -- in an Effigy Corps issue) here:

              I wasn't aware that Darryl had ever drawn Kyle as Parallax. When Geoff came up with the idea, the only thing we said about the design was that his crab mask should have points at the tips, like Hal's Parallax, and that was exciting enough.

              But no, all I did was combine Kyle's first suit with Hal's Parallax suit, and add the Parallax symbol instead of the GL one. Geoff and I agreed that Kyle's hair would go white too, but in front instead of on the sides.

              So while I didn't crib off of that particular Banks drawing, the end result is still a combination of ideas that came from Darryl Banks, and so I am happy to give him the nod.


              • Originally posted by HonorGuardLantern423 View Post
                Well judging from your hints, I got that you are doing some Barry Allen stuff, but I could be reading you wrong. If you are, I cant wait to see your take on the look of the SA Flash.

                So can you confirm if you are working with Barry Allen?


                • Originally posted by Darth_Andrea View Post
                  Ethan, I was wondering, When you started on GL, was there like a design bible they handed you that basicly gave you a visual history of things you would be asked to put on paper at some point? Things Like the Guardians City on Oa, and the Central Power Battery. It's sort of something I have always wondered. So many artists are working on the same characters and covering the same worlds that I have always wondered if the next person in line just did a take of what was already in print or if the editors kept something to hand off saying this is what you will be asked to produce though your allowed to add your own touches.

                  Just Wondering

                  They really ought to make a design bible, Andrea! I think the closest we've come is the Sinestro Corps Secret Files book. For now, whenever a specific and previously established scene or character is called for, it is editorial's job to furnish me with reference.


                  • Easy one for you: Humans, or Aliens? Which do you like to draw more?

                    I just ask because some of your aliens are simply amazing in the amount of detail you add. A lot of times, I think there is more potential for minute details in an alien than there are in humans, and you seem to love the details.
                    Winner: Reality TV draft 2014

                    "Weeds. All of them weeds. I am perfection, and I am alone in the garden of the universe." - Cyborg Superman


                    • Well judging from your hints, I got that you are doing some Barry Allen stuff, but I could be reading you wrong. If you are, I cant wait to see your take on the look of the SA Flash.

                      So can you confirm if you are working with Barry Allen?

                      Can you deny it?


                      • ok so actually watching you make a sketch was awesome. if you don't even remember it's cool but what was the character you were asked to sketch the most over the weekend?


                        • Originally posted by RichSan View Post
                          just wondering if you ever get creator's block? if so, what do you do to get yourself out of it? is there anyone's art in particular that inspires you? Also curious about your creative process from script to finished pgs. --any info about how you break down a scripted pg to layouts would be AWESOME!!!!!

                          p.s. thanks for taking the time to respond--it means alot to the us fanboys/fangirls!
                          I get creator's block fairly often. But sometimes I just don't have a wonderful idea. And in those cases, it pays to just take a walk and consider things, because I'm fairly clever, and good ideas do end up occurring if I just wait for the inspiration. I'm redesigning someone's costume now, and it's the hardest thing I've ever been asked to do. I won't sit down and do it until the right idea shows up in my brain, though.

                          As for inspiring art, I like Brian Bolland. Pick up his KILLING JOKE hardcover that came out a few months ago, and you'll see why!

                          My method for script-to-art is to break the script down into scenes, and try to find the mood and tone of the sequence. I compare it to the prior or subsequent scene and think about how, using texture, layouts, lights and darks, or anything, to firmly establish breaks between them. In other words, it's wonderful if the book opens with a 4 page violent sequence in an alley, and then cuts away to a 2 page scene in a warm home environment or something like that. It's easy to make the art breathe when the story breaks like that.

                          I try to find the most important visual messages that Geoff wants conveyed so that I can feature those, and whatever extra elements I can add to support them. Sometimes there's a theme that recurs, sometimes there's a good idea to be found in where the "camera" is placed, etc.

                          I then scour magazines and the internet for the background reference I need, and break things down.



                          • Originally posted by Jarvis Tetch View Post
                            Did you design the Ion whale? Why did Ion have the same GL symbol Kyle had when he had his costume after the Power of Ion story arc in the Winnick run? Does that mean Kyle had the Ion inside him even when he wasn't Ion?
                            The fishlike being that became the ION power source was designed by me. It was a tough thing to decide upon, that's for sure, but I called Geoff a few times to sort of badger him about it..."Is this okay? I'm not sure about this..." and he was supportive as usual.

                            But I found a common thread to connect him to Parallax, and it will make more sense in the future. There's a method to everything.



                            • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                              Ah, here's a question you might be able to answer. Is that supposed to be Laira in the upper-right corner of the double-splash page in GL #25?


                              • and which of the 4 earth gl's are easier to draw?