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  • Originally posted by Lantern Kreon View Post
    Oh even more importantly, is there any chance that my main man Kreon will make a return during Blackest Night? At least then everybody can go from telling me I'm dead to telling me I'm undead.
    Heh, sure!


    • Originally posted by younglionsimba View Post
      Hi Ethan, great seeing you here. Just a few questions if you don't mind?

      First of all(not sure if you will be able to answear this), but are the Black lanterns going to be like the traditional zombies, or abit more refined and have a sense of who they were?

      and secondly, we have seen that the GL's have two lanterns per sector, are the other corpse going to have this policy, i don't really remmber seeing it with the Sinestro corps?

      and finally, is there going to be another Sinestro corps ring for sector 2814, i see the shark been a great wielder for it.

      Well that is all. One final remark, I havn't drawn in years but after seeing your artwork it really inspired me to start again.

      many thanks

      For your first question, wait and see, second question, wait and see, and third question, good idea, but I doubt it! Thanks!


      • Originally posted by Limelantern View Post
        If you are still answering questions one thing I love to ask is
        What was your very first big published piece? The first time you made something and it was printed on a wide scale. Was it comic art? And what initally got your foot in the door as a comic artist? What did you have to do to get where you are now?
        Hmmm...the first time I was published...

        It may have been a children's book called "Are You A Critter?" I did a dozen of these books written by the same author, which lead to a comic book called FUZZY BUZZARD AND FRIENDS published by Hall of Heroes. It has the distinction of being the lowest selling comic of all time, with 32 issues ordered via Diamond.

        And then there was CYBERFROG #1 for Hall of Heroes, which did much better. Although my first kind of mainstream, paid, published work was SHADOWHAWK vs. VAMPIRELLA #1, which I helped ink. One book leads to another. About three years later I was drawing IMPULSE for DC.


        • Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
          if this has been asked before (by me even) I am sorry, but do you get any insperation from music when you draw?
          Yeah, I do....And you'd be surprised by my IPod. My musical tastes are extremely varied, and depend on my mood. I may want Thrill Kill Kult, I may want Doris Day. I may want The Beach Boys, and I may want Wu Tang.

          But just because I'm drawing a violent scene, it doesn't necessarily follow that I'll be listening to something equally as aggressive. A decapitation sequence may call for light classical music or smooth jazz. But I love music, and it's important to the process.


          • Originally posted by W.West View Post
            I'm thrilled to have you doing this! But does this mean Kyle will get an appearance in Rebirth as well as Hal? Please tell me, you guys aren't killing Wally or throwing him into obscurity?!
            We don't usually do things like that. But you never know!


            • Originally posted by Donsmith1974 View Post
              Hey there Ethan:

              Thanks again for the interview! Did you see it?

              Here is the link:


              Don Smith
              I did see it, and it reads just like it happened. Sorry for that! It was a hectic and chaotic day, as you remember.


              • Originally posted by Old School View Post
                ethan, will there be a hero that has died where you guys didnt use as a black lantern?
                I have no idea! Maybe.


                • Originally posted by IndigoSentinel View Post
                  First of all let me say I reall enjoy your work, but then again, don't we all?

                  Got a question that has been plaguing me for a while now, even if it's probably nothing, the symbol for the Violet Corps looks an awful lot like the symbol that Jade has on her uniform, is this on purpose or is it just a really common symbol?

                  Also, is the Indigo Stork in the war of light spread will be a major character or just another corpsman?
                  The Violet symbol looks more like the symbol on Star Sapphire's costume to me, but you never know!

                  Second question, yes, major character.


                  • Originally posted by Old School View Post

                    ethan, what are the chances of wally getting a new costume in flash rebirth? and will we see bart allen and max mercury as black lanterns?
                    Wally is getting a new costume, second question, no comment.


                    • Originally posted by IonFan View Post
                      Ok will do Jim, Mr. Sciver what's your shoe size?
                      Eleven and a half.


                      • Originally posted by Gauntlet101010 View Post
                        Here's a question:
                        Will we ever see the blue and black Silver-Age inspired Sin Corps costumes again? Do you figure? Anything behind then that isn't very obvious?


                        • Originally posted by Dave Cormier View Post
                          Hi Ethan, thanks for continuing to drop in and answer our fanboy questions!

                          This may be too early for you to say, but I'm hoping it's close enough that you can give us the answer. I'm wondering about the names of the 8 lantern corps. We have the Green Lantern Corps (GLC), and the Sinestro Corps. We know two of them are called the Red Lanterns (RLC?) and the Black Lanterns (BLC?). What about the names of the other four? I'd assume the violet would be called the Star Saphire something or other. Is it going to be the Star Saphire Corps? The Violet Lantern Corps? (I hope not!). Is Agent Orange the name of just one guy, with the rest of them collectively known as the Orange Lantern Corps? Or it it one guy and not a corps of beings?

                          Any word on blue or indigo?

                          If ya can't answer, ya can't answer, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks!

                          I would like them all to be called "(color) Lanterns." But Geoff is making those choices.


                          • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                            Ethan, you clever devil... the Red Lantern symbol in the Manhunter bodies...


                            • Ethan I was wondering, have you nad Geoff talked about Oa's resurection pre-Rebrth. I ask because of the Crypt Of The Corps, is it yours and Geoff's take that when Tom brought the planet back he recreated all the corpses that were in the Crypt as well or not? Also are Oa's sands still infused with power and a slight mix of the Rings AI as the were back in Vol 2?



                              • Originally posted by Superlantern View Post
                                ethan what do you think about this posting about your cover of superman/batman 50?
                                Batman's Throbbing, Tumescent... Bat
                                Nothing subliminal was intended, nor should anything be projected...I mean...the bat is coming out of Batman's outer thigh, not his crotch.

                                It's not a great drawing though, and it wasn't intended to be a cover, just a practice piece, so the criticism otherwise is valid and fair.