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  • Originally posted by W.West View Post
    Ethan, I'm sure if you've answered this or simply don't care to. But is Flash: Rebirth only 6 issues? And will the trio of you, Geoff and Moose still be on afterwards? Also, what do you think about TWO Flash books like Green Lantern/GLC? Maybe after Rebirth, The Flash could be focused on Barry(depending on what you do to and have an All Flash book with rotating stories between the three possibly four(Bart) Flashes? Just a thought..wishful thinking..

    Also, it would be my dream if you could find your way over to Grant Morrison's Batman title, then you'd be working on all three of my favorite characters!
    FLASH: REBIRTH is 6 issues, two of which are slightly oversized. Just like GL REBIRTH. No plans for me to stay afterwards, the other two guys, well, that's up to them! Two Flash books would make sense, considering all of the characters we've got to work with, but we'll see.... And Morrison's Batman would be lovely. Probably not, but anything's possible.


    • Originally posted by Orion Pax View Post
      So itīs kind of Ragnarock for the Corps? I was hopping at least some them survived after BN. So the prophecy will come to pass?

      Is there any plans for the other Corps, post BN?
      That would be telling. Wait and read it, but have no preconceptions. This is bigger than the biggest DCU story ever told.


      • Originally posted by GUYCORPS View Post
        Hello Ethan, it's great to see how often you keep in touch with us fans, it really makes us (well me at least) feel part of the Green Lantern family.

        Congratulations to yourself and the entire Green Lantern Team on winning the Wizard awards! Well deserved.

        I may have asked this before, but do you or any of the Green Team plan on doing any trips to South Africa?

        How about a formal invitation from myself and my mate Shane at Cosmic Comics! If you or any of your colleagues are interested let me know what we have to do to get you guy's over here.

        Visually, South Africa offers a lot of inspiration, from bushveld, mountains (drakensburg), oceans (atlantic/indian), rivers (orange), forests (knysna), deserts (karoo) and of course our amazing wildlife. Where can you honestly go and see wild animals in their natural habitat? We have Lion, Cheetah, Kudu, Leopard, Elephant, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Great White Sharks, Dolphins, Wales, yes this list goes on, lets just say you certainly won't get bored!

        Ok enough of my brief sales pitch, you could wiki the info anyway, however if you're keen at any stage now or later on and would like some more info, let me know and i'll gladly oblige you.

        Keep up the great work, looking forward to Flash:Rebirth and of course Blackest Night!
        I love to travel, and would be honored to visit South Africa to meet Green Lantern fans there. I don't have plans currently, but if it was possible, I'd certainly try to go! Feel free to have a convention promoter or whomever email me about it at


        • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
          That's about what I figured. Thank you.

          Sorry, I guess I was thinking of this post: but that post was actually talking about it as an upside down Sinestro Corps symbol, so my memory must be on the fritz.

          Assuming -- theoretically -- it was decided the Blackest Night is to be a DCU-wide company crossover event (is that still up in the air, by the way?)... how would you speculate it would play out? Would it be something akin to, like...

          a) "Underworld Unleashed," where there'd be a core mini-series and then tie-ins within the various ongoing series in the DCU to varying degrees of relevance to the main plot?

          b) Something more like Final Crisis where it's a core mini-series, the only tie-ins being specials, one-shots and seperate mini-series.

          c) Something different... perhaps no core mini-series at all, the "core" events happening in GL and GLC and some measure of tie-ins in other DCU books. Perhaps something else entirely?
          All I know is that there will be a 6 issue book called BLACKEST NIGHT, and there will be 6 issues of GL and GLCORPS as well. I'm sure that there will be other crossovers and things, but I'm not involved in that decision making process, nor would I want to be! I hope it stays as confined as possible, so that Geoff can maintain a strict quality control.


          • Originally posted by GLJIMT View Post
            oh man Ronnies gonna be a Black Lantern..... brings a good question up

            when some one gets a Black Ring do they retain any Superpowers they had before they died?

            I must have Ch'p in this !!!!! Arrrr you tease Ethan!


            • Originally posted by ComicGeek View Post
              Ethan ~

              You've talked about DC superheroes coming back from the grave in Blackest Night.....what about the DC superVILLAINS?
              Them too! Black rings don't discriminate. They only want corpses.


              • Originally posted by t67443 View Post
                Hey Ethan any word on the other Lantern entities? Will we see them in the near future or anything? Any hints that you can give as what they'll look like?
                Wait and see!


                • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                  As a fan and not a DC employee, what are your thoughts on Final Crisis?
                  As a DC Employee, I wish I was drawing it, because it's awesome, and as a DC reader and fan, it's awesome. So far, I haven't read #3 yet.


                  • Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
                    you probably won't know this but I'll ask anyway will Booster Gold play a role in Blackest Night like he did in SCW?
                    Probably. I don't know!


                    • Originally posted by Keyser Soze View Post
                      Hey Ethan, got another question for you. We've been getting whisperings that a "Green Lantern" film project is FINALLY gearing up to enter serious pre-production. And the possibility of seeing the Green Lantern up on the big screen as soon as 2011 or maybe even 2010 has got me seriously excited!

                      But my question for you is, who would you like to see cast as Hal Jordan?
                      The guy who plays Sawyer on LOST.


                      • Originally posted by HonorGuardLantern423 View Post
                        Ethan, this is gonna be an illegal question I know, but will wally have a different alias after Flash:Rebirth??


                        • Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post
                          All I know is that there will be a 6 issue book called BLACKEST NIGHT, and there will be 6 issues of GL and GLCORPS as well. I'm sure that there will be other crossovers and things, but I'm not involved in that decision making process, nor would I want to be! I hope it stays as confined as possible, so that Geoff can maintain a strict quality control.
                          Blackest Night will be a 6 issue Mini....OMG SWEET!!!! Thanks for telling us hun, now we can rush to our LCS's and have them scribble them on our pull lists so we don't miss a one

                          Will Saarek (The Vulcan GL) be a major player in BN? given his preoccupation with death it makes sense for him to be a featured character.

                          Thanks for the Info!!



                          • Originally posted by Gauntlet101010 View Post
                            Gotta say, everything about Sin Corps wowed me. The art on both books was amazing. And the attention to detail on every page was worthy of any company-wide event to date (and it was all within the pages of GL).

                            This version of Sinestro's battery looks like Kyle's old logo, even if the blue Corps one doesn't. Just look at the handle!

                            And, on that note, are there any development pictures you're able to share? Any way things could have turned out or looked differently?

                            Were there any plans for Kyle if he had kept his Ion series?

                            The new series sees many old GLs back in action ... are there any you were personally responsible for bringing back?
                            Hmmm...There are some old unused sketches for GL costumes and stuff, sure! Nothing I can share, sadly.

                            I think I was personally responsible for bringing Sinestro back. I had to convince Geoff, though it didn't take him very long to agree.


                            • Originally posted by TorchBearer View Post
                              Hey Ethan,

                              Whats your thoughts on a Kyle/Blue lantern and Wally/Mercury Reg ongoing series with them tackling the more Cosmic tales and Speed Force type stuff? With a creative mind like yours does this sound appealing? would you work on something like that?
                              Kyle and Wally, huh? Wait, why is Kyle a Blue Lantern in this scenario?

                              Yeah, it could be fun.


                              • Originally posted by Old School View Post
                                ethan, would you have any creative input if and when they do a g.l. movie?
                                I was already asked to be involved, but we'll see. I'm very busy.