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  • Originally posted by Martley of 2814 View Post
    Will the Blackest night mini-series be called 'Green Lantern: Blackest Night' or just 'Blackest Night' ?
    Hmmm....Another good question. I'll bet it'll be called Green Lantern: Blackest Night, since we want to brand it as a GL title, but it's up to Geoff and DC!


    • Originally posted by Superman-Prime300 View Post
      Hey Ethan just wondering will Superboy(Man) Prime have a role in Blackest Night like he did in Sinestro Corps War?
      Geoff loves him, so any excuse to write him in, I'm sure he'll take it!


      • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
        This is big news, thanks for the heads-up.

        You mentioned before that Blackest Night would be Ivan's baby and you'd likely only end up doing covers and maybe a bit of this or that here or there for art... is that still the case? But since I have to imagine Ivan will likely have his hands full pencilling the flagship GL title during Blackest Night... who's going to be drawing the Blackest Night 6 issue mini?
        Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post
        Don't know! Not me though.
        Well, it seems like the main series will be pencilled by Doug Mahnke for a while. That would free up Ivan to draw the Blackest Night mini.
        Michael Heide
        Heide Finition
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        • Originally posted by Raker616 View Post
          Hey Ethan, do you know if Geoff has any plans to use Raker in a bigger role?. He's such a great character and i'd love to see what Geoff could do with him during Blackest Night.
          I'll mention that to him! Good suggestion!


          • Originally posted by Old School View Post
            ethan, can you confirm that barry allen will be on a jla roster?
            No, let's see if we can get him to survive his Rebirth first.


            • Originally posted by Achernosis View Post
              Will you be using a lot of Wally's old Kid Flash cues in designing Wally's new costume? I hope not man.....that'd be completely backwards. And talk about humiliating


              • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                I read a new interview with you where you bring up some interesting things folks have been discussing the possibility of.

                So Superman as a Blue Lantern really is on the table? That's awesome. Obviously it wouldn't be permanent or long term, but I could totally see him putting on a Blue Ring and swooping into Blackest Night at a critical moment. And if Superman is becoming a Black Lantern as well... I'm pretty sure this would be the Earth-2 Superman that JSA actually foreshadowed a bit a few issues ago, yes (his hand coming out of the ground, or whatnot)?

                Big question, hopefully you can answer: Can you please tell us once and for all that Kyle Rayner isn't going to become a Blue Lantern? Geoff has pretty much flat-out said he wouldn't on the Bloc, yet fan discussion still continues in circles. Though it would make perfect sense for him to be offered a Blue Ring by Ganthet for many reasons (his relationship with Ganthet, his bringing Hope to the Corps by resurrecting the Guardians/repowering the Central Power Battery effectively rebirthing it all), Kyle actually accepting for anything other than maybe an issue or two would just strike me as another yankjob giving him different powers and even more new costumes (both if/when he becomes a Blue and then when he has to go crawling back to the GL Corps when the Blues dissipate or when a new writer takes over).

                What was that about Batman as a Black Lantern...?
                Well if Geoff has told you no, why would what fans discuss still be worth discussing? Geoff has his plans, and when he wants to keep you guessing about a theory that he knows is wrong, he'll say something like, "...maybe...." just for fun. But if he tells you "No, Kyle will not be a Blue Lantern", you can take that to the bank.

                As for other DC heroes taking colored rings, it'll happen, but my example of Superman being blue was just off the top of my head. I was using it as an example, if Geoff asks me to design DC heroes with new versions of their classic costumes blended with our established Colored Lantern uniforms, like if Superman were a Blue Lantern for example, I would work out those costume details as part of my job as production designer for Blackest Night.

                I didn't mean to assign definitive colors or rings to anyone, because Geoff hasn't officially let me know who will be what yet anyhow.


                • Originally posted by Superman-Prime300 View Post
                  So you mentioned possible other non realted to GL tie ins to Blackest Night? Considering the possibility of Superman becoming a Blue Lantern and Geoff currently writing Action Comics, is it possible we could see an Action Comics tie in with Superman as a Blue Lantern?
                  If that were to be the case, (Superman being a Blue Lantern), then maybe!


                  • Originally posted by W.West View Post
                    Will any Flash play a prominent role in Blackest Night?

                    Also, excluding Geoff Johns who is your favorite DC writer to read?

                    It would super insulting for Wally's costume to resemble that of old..
                    Flash with a prominent role? Nope, it's a Green Lantern story.

                    My favorite DC writers to read, other than Geoff...? Hmmm...Gail, Grant, Mark Waid. I mostly read the comics in my comp box with the coolest artists, though.

                    Wally isn't Kid Flash anymore. He's Flash. I don't intend to make him wear anything similar to anything he's worn before. I'm with ya.


                    • Originally posted by Chamalkan View Post

                      Unfortunally you won't be doing any full issues for Blackest Night.
                      But what about a few pages like in GL 25? Or a cover or two?

                      And I just know Flash: Rebirth is going to rock
                      Geoff wants me to do covers, (variant covers?) for every issue, 18 in all, and if I am capable, I will do that. Interiors are unlikely. Listen, it's Ivan's. He's AWESOME. If we can get this thing to look consistent all the way through, it'll be an amazing project that you'll be proud to own and thrilled to read and re-read. That's the goal.

                      Thanks about Flash: Rebirth. It will rock, I promise.


                      • Originally posted by Orion Pax View Post

                        Im a big fan of Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande. Will we see these two play some role in Blackest Night? Iolande for an instance has two dead brothers and one of them could hold a grudge against her.
                        Oh, they'll most certainly make an appearance, Soranik and Iolande! And your idea is a good one!


                        • Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post
                          Geoff wants me to do covers, (variant covers?) for every issue, 18 in all, and if I am capable, I will do that.
                          Six issues of the Blackest Night mini, six issues of Green Lantern, and six issues of Green Lantern Corps? Or will there be other tie-ins?


                          • Originally posted by Slobo View Post
                            If you may do something for Johnny Sorrow and Mordru !
                            Tell Geoff, i love is work in them and He be cool to spotlight them again !
                            (It don't sound so english, Am i correct ?) Thank you !
                            Slobo, I understood you perfectly! Johnny Sorrow and Mordru are both awesome, especially Johnny Sorrow...I'll tell Geoff that you said hello and that he should use those characters again!



                            • Originally posted by younglionsimba View Post
                              Hi Ethan,

                              I was re-reading GL, SC secret files and origins today, and i noticed that Morro is from Sector 666. Is this a sneaky story point or a mistake?

                              You may have stumbled upon something, but it's one of those things that I remain blissfully unaware of. Good eye!


                              • Originally posted by ComicGeek View Post
                                How come you had Soranik Natu show much more cleavage than she ususally does in #25, hmmmm?
                                I did?