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    Well this is a nice surprise!
    Welcome to the GLC Ethan, glad to have you aboard.

    Like so many others, i am a huge fan of your work, especially on GL.
    The mythology yourself and Geoff (with the added help of Peter, Dave, Carlos, Ivan and Patrick) have created and expanded upon is quite phenomenal. Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are by far 2 of DC's best reads and visuals.

    I really enjoy the creatures you've created and i am looking forward to more of them.

    Good luck with your new project!

    Thanks to you and Geoff for making GUY GARDNER a Green Lantern again.
    Green Lantern
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      Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post
      Hi, Ethan here. I thought I should join this glorious forum and be among you, the people that I love.


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        Are we sure this is really Ethan? First Moose, then Geoff and now Ethan....this place is bloody great.

        I have a question!
        What's up with Kilowog always changing his GL costume in different issues of yours? One issue he's wearing the regular, old GL suit, the next issue he's got an oversized John suit, the next issue he's got more of the newest Hal suit.


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          Originally posted by Martley of 2814 View Post
          Are we sure this is really Ethan? First Moose, then Geoff and now Ethan....this place is bloody great.
          Dont forget Peter T.


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            Holy cow! It's great that you are here!
            I was one of the thousands that met you saturday at the NYCC. While waiting Geoff came back and was bombarded. I got you, Ivan and Geoff to personally sign my name on the comics, 'cause they aren't going anywhere. As i told Geoff and you:Thank you again for giving us GL fans such great storytelling and art!
            And I cant wait to hear what your super-secret project is.


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              Welcome to the boards Ethan, in my opinion youre the greatest artist in comics today. Thank you so much for making GL look the best he has in a long time. I cant think of any questions, just wanted to compliment your greatness.


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                Originally posted by Martley of 2814 View Post
                Are we sure this is really Ethan?
                Yes, we are sure.
                Do good. Be well. Make happy.


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                  Can't have Geoff without Ethan! Welcome aboard! Your art RULES!


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                    ethan welcome to this part of the sector, just re-met ya at the NYC CON a few weeks ago.

                    tell shari I say hi.
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                      Originally posted by Lundonj View Post
                      If I didn't know better, I might think you were stalking me, from GL forum to GL forum...

                      -Don (really does know better)
                      I thought geoff and him were coming after me
                      HUNDRED'S OF COMIC BOOKS FOR SALE!


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                        Well finally EVS!

                        Welcome to the Corps, Ethan!

                        My favorite artists go 1. YOU 2. Reis 3. The guy that was doing BB that starts with an A and goes on forever 4. I don't know any others as I am more into the writing.

                        But, man, is it nice to have you here!

                        And yes we would all like to know if you will be involved with Blackest Night. As I'm sure most other members have, I had your famous 3-way Hal poster framed and on my wall!
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                          Originally posted by Chamalkan View Post
                          As you're an insider: are there plans for anything besides the GL and GLC monthlies with GL stuff? Like mini's, one shots (besides Rage of the Red Lanterns) or even another monthly?
                          Yes, yes and maybe.


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                            Originally posted by BTomaselli View Post
                            Mr. Sciver - WELCOME!!

                            I had the honor of hanging out and talking with you and Moose at Comic-Con last year (picked up some awesome prints of Kyle-lax and Hal). What prints will you be offering this year since at Comic-Con 08?
                            Moose creates and sells the prints. I will have a new sketchbook this year for Comicon, and it'll contain lots of new GL and Sinestro related sketches and material.



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                              Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
                              Ethan, good to have you here. I have thoroughly enjoyed your work on GL, and look forward to seeing more of it. (I will say that I'm glad they have found a way to utilize you for special event stuff, since it seemed like your detailed style wasn't really conducive to a monthly book schedule. Not a criticism of you, as I would never want an artist to rush their art, just an observation. Plus adding your art to specials and stuff makes them even more special, IMHO.)

                              I did have a question, though. I'm not a real fan of gore, and felt that the scene with the eyeball bouncing off the girl's hand, and the partially-eaten guy stuffed in the Shark's mouth was too much for my personal taste, especially with your level of detail. Who makes the decision to go that grotesque route for an image? Is it the artist or the writer?
                              I absolve Geoff of that entirely. Geoff asked for blood drops on her shoulder, and blood in the Shark's mouth. I thought some extremely excessive gore would be comical, or at least interesting, so I added the eyeball and the surfer's remains. I can see why it would be thought of as going too far, but what's too far when there's a giant shark man off of Coast City eating people? I saw JAWS, afterall. I still think it's a great scene, and people were talking about it the next day, which is about as much as you can ask for as a creative person.

                              By the way, did you know that there IS a species of shark called the Green Lanternshark? Look it up!



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                                Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                                Can you confirm at least some level of involvement in Blackest Night or its family of titles/spinoffs/what-have-you at this point? Perhaps a lead-in special similar to the "Sinestro Corps War Special"?
                                I can confirm SOME level of involvement. Some covers. And I helped create an awful lot of it too. All of the costumes, the symbols, some of the's got my fingerprints all over it. But will I draw any of the interiors? Probably not this time. It's Ivan's baby.