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  • Originally posted by W.West View Post
    Hey Ethan, whenever you read this, could you do me a huge favor and tell Grant Morrison to pick up The Flash title IF Geoff does not continue after Rebirth?...Thanks!
    Not necessary.


    • Originally posted by EmaHalJordan View Post
      Ethan: you are working in the projects of Green Lantern for Animated DVD Movie and Live Action?
      No and perhaps.


      • Originally posted by younglionsimba View Post
        Hi Ethan,

        I;ve been re-reading the previous arcs, and from the get go "the blackest night" has been there from the get go, COOL.

        Since Hal has been dead once, how will he relate to the Black Lanterns?

        Also could a black lantern only rise if there is an actaul body?

        Since the prophercy and theme comes from the GL oath, does the lines "lin blackest day, in Brightest night" have any signifcane? Or did Sinestro pick them just to reflect how oppersit his corps is to the GLC?

        loving where all this is going, especaily the methaphores for it all, its a massive inspiration(mainly since i've just moved from England to Oz) : ROCK ON
        Yo! I can answer NONE of those questions! Read the book!


        • Originally posted by Chamalkan View Post
          I was re-reading GL vol4 and noticed that some times you pencil your own work and other times you don't.
          What would you say is the added value of pencilling your own work versus somebody else doing it?

          And what are the deciding factors whether you do it yourself of or get help?
          I think you mean "ink", not pencil!

          I prefer to ink my own work, because I use tiny little pens and can make sure that the details are all there, carefully and lovingly rendered. This takes longer, obviously. Now and then, an editor will decide that it might cut down the time if I only pencil. But then I just end up tightly penciling all of that stuff in, only to have an inker kind of rush over it anyhow.

          It's very frustrating.


          • Originally posted by W.West View Post
            Ethan, how big of a role will Wally's kids play in Flash: Rebirth?
            They're in there, right from issue #1!


            • Originally posted by Kuhan View Post
              I think you mean inking.

              So Ethan, is Moose coloring Flash: Rebirth?
              Turns out, no. Alex Sinclair is. There were scheduling conflicts and other problems. I'm a little raw over it right now. But Alex Sinclair will be terrific.
              Ethan Van Sciver
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              • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
                Will the Black Lanterns be able to make ring constructs?

                And now that we have the debut of the Red Lanterns and have a pretty good, basic idea of how they work now... is it really true they can't create any ring constructs? If it is, then what was the deal with the lady you drew holding the two ring construct swords in GL #25?
                They weren't constructs...or weren't meant to be! Just weapons.


                • Originally posted by Kuhan View Post
                  On a scale of 1-100, how disappointed are you that you can't do Blackest Night?

                  What does Wally's costume remind you of?

                  It reminds me of Barry's.


                  • Originally posted by Gauntlet101010 View Post
                    Here's one that's been bugging me lately.

                    Why no yellow ring for Superboy Prime? And, along the same lines, if the Anti Monitor is the "Guardian of fear", does that mean he could access the yellow power on his own?
                    I wish there was a shrugging emoticon. I don't know....


                    • Originally posted by Limelantern View Post
                      What is 's name?


                      • Hello Ethan !!
                        i just stop by to say thanks thanks thanks thanks...
                        I love your work !!
                        You Rock man.
                        I Make my Own T-Shirts


                        • Right on Ethan, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. And your choice of music is awesome, Depeche Mode kicks ass. Be sure to check out their latest album "Playing the Angel" if you haven't already, it's very good.

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                          • Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post

                            It reminds me of Barry's.
                            Haha. I thought so.

                            I meant the new one that you're designing

                            Originally posted by W.West
                            DID ANYONE READ THE ARTICLE?!!!!!!


                            • Cool.

                              Ethan I just had a question that I know some people on the board noticed too. Is the Red Lantern symbol taken from the design on the Manhunters' chests?


                              • Yes, Depeche Mode and New Order is good taste in my book. Interestingly, both bands are still producing great music today (though I think New Order is having trouble amongst themselves lately, the last album couldn't have been more than like 2 years ago).

                                So you've said now you didn't base the Orange, Indigo, or Blue symbols on anything in particular. Do you think Geoff (or whoever) may yet still try to reverse engineer them to be from something anyway?