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  • Ethan, I'm sure you don't know this. But could you find out if Iris' book is still in continuity? I don't see any real reason why it wouldn't be, but I'm extremely curious.


    • Originally posted by Absolon View Post
      Funny stuff!
      + YouTube Video
      ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
      Nice. Glad to hear you finally get to do Plastic Man.

      Are you going to start that directly after Rebirth/BN: The Flash? Are you writing that as well as drawing? Oh, and is this a Year One thing or are we picking up with him in current continuity?


      • Ethan will you join us in Flash Chat again?

        Ethan I just notice you finally did that great Plastic Man story, how do you feel after doing that?
        Caleb Lancaster
        The Time Traveler
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        • Hey Ethan, I know this isn't GL related but is there anyway we could get a sneak peak as to what Wally West's new Flash costume is gonna look like?


          • Hey Ethan, are the Old Gods in BN?


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              • Hi, it's me! Let's answer some questions!


                • Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post
                  Looks great, what's it for?


                  • Originally posted by Mewzard View Post
                    Thanks Ethan! I sent it along. Hopefully, they can, because practically no one seems to come anymore. The last to come was, in fact, Geoff when I was taking the ACTs...*still curses that test to this day*

                    If you're able, I'll bring my comics by. *pictures a sketch of Sinestro Batman, Blue Lantern Superman, and Indigo Wonder Woman standing together in a pose* And if you do sketches, I'd save up some money for that, lol.

                    On what seems to be the last of my GL related questions for this moment:

                    1. What do you think of the idea of a Black Lantern Justice League (E2 Supes, Batman, E2 WW, one of the Flashes (if that solit is leading that way), one of the GLs, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter?

                    2. If you did indeed make the designs used for the Blackest Night figures, what was your thoughts for how decayed they should look.

                    3. Do the Indigo Lanterns finally show up in the Blackest Night Mini, or outside it?
                    1. I love that idea! The pity of BLACKEST NIGHT is that it'll all be over too soon!

                    2. I did indeed, and I thought they should be decayed enough to be scary. In a dry, mummified kinda way. Except Aquaman.

                    3. Good question! Stay tuned!


                    • Originally posted by ComicGeek View Post
                      Is Flash Rebirth really only 5 issues? Did it drop an issue or was it always 5?
                      It was always going to be 5, but we're probably going to add a 6th issue.


                      • Will Mirror Master I be in Blackest Night?
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                        • Originally posted by W.West View Post
                          Will Barry be specific to Central City? I don't think Keystone City was a twin city when he died.

                          What is the status of Barry Allen's relationship with his wife, Iris West? Its been a long time....
                          Barry is Central City's Flash, but we won't keep him cooped up there.

                          Barry and Iris love each other, but have a lot of talking to do.


                          • Originally posted by Caleb Lancaster View Post
                            Can you spill anybeans on who is a Black Lantern Other than Martian ManHunter and Earth 2 Supes?
                            Ronnie Raymond Firestorm!


                            • Originally posted by Old School View Post
                              IS AQUAMAN BACK OR WHAT?

                              this is more confusing than why DC put out JLA ANARTICIA (s.p)
                              The original Aquaman, the one we all know and love, is dead, but about to open a can of whoop ass on the Lanterns!


                              • Originally posted by Dave Cormier View Post
                                Are there going to be variant covers for all five issues of the mini? There are right up to the third issue solicited, so I'm assuming so, but you could clear it up in a jiffy!

                                Also, are they leaning torwards a new #1 still after Rebirth wraps up? Or is #351 still a possibillity?
                                There are variant covers on every issue of Flash Rebirth. The variant from #3 on are very spoilery, so we're keeping them secret!